The Hulk by Carl Potts

We recently celebrated the amazing Thor illustrations by Charles Vess from Marvel Fanfare #20. That same issue also contains some gorgeous artwork by Carl Potts featuring the luminaries of the Marvel Universe of 1985 such as The New Defenders, Doctor Strange, and Power Pack!  That’s his rendition of the Hulk above.  Run, puny humans, run!  Let’s take a look at the rest of the “Pottspouri”, shall we?

Cloak and Dagger by Carl Potts

Cloak and Dagger bring the light and darkness, respectively, and also manage to scare a cat in the process!  I love the perspective of the buildings in the background and how they frame our young heroes.

The New Defenders by Carl Potts

The New Defenders are one of my all time favorite superhero teams!  I simply love the roster that has Beast, Iceman and Angel (from the X-Men, natch!) as well as Gargoyle, Cloud, Valkyrie and the telepathic Moondragon!  That’s a lot of cultural representations and belief systems represented all on one team!

Doctor Strange by Carl Potts

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!  That’s Doctor Strange fighting for his life in a mystical duel for the ages!  Looks like his Shields of the Seraphim aren’t holding up like they used to!

Power Pack by Carl Potts

The super-powered siblings of Power Pack fight the nasty Snarks in this awesome pinup.  Why Marvel hasn’t found a way to make these awesome characters into a cartoon, I just don’t know.  They would be right at home alongside the likes of Ben 10 and Adventure Time, IMHO.

Thanks for taking a look at these awesome images from 1985 with me, dear reader!  Cheers!