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Storm Sunday: Christian Tomas

Welcome to Wakanda by Christian Tomas

This amazing artwork, titled “Welcome to Wakanda,” was created by Christian Tomas as a going away present for Yours Truly. I was checking my Facebook account after WonderCon ended and saw this on my “wall” and was so moved. Receiving this gift was the best way to wrap up an already powerfully uplifting weekend. Thank you, Tomas for your creation! I love it very much!

Christian got the tiara perfectly, didn’t forget the ruby and gave the cape a fantastic billowing quality.  His rendition of her hair is unique and we can see one of her lightning earrings within the whiteness.  I also enjoy his use of light and shadow.  This is a stellar piece of artwork and I am very grateful for such a creative gift!


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  1. Christian

    OMGoddess! I made it into Storm Sunday! Again, I am so glad you like it, STORM.
    And I am so glad you decided to point out all the elements I thought would go unnoticed.
    It must have taken me a dozen tries to get the tiara and ruby right.
    Seeing this on your blog… I am beside myself right now and at a complete loss for words.

    All I can say is: really, thank you!

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