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This past weekend I worked my stuff at the Writers Old Fashioned table, selling Princess Witch Boy comics and candles, and giving Heroic Tarot readings at WonderCon 2011!  The awesome science-fiction/pop culture blog io9 named my X-Men Tarot “Best of WonderCon Floor”!  That’s me sandwiched in between mainstream movies Green Lantern and Sucker Punch (scroll down for my super cheesy photo) in the title!

Many thanks to everyone who came out to the booth and made a purchase or just said hello!   I enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces and met a ton of new ones!  Here’s some highlights from my experience!

Emily & STORM

This year, Writers Old Fashioned was represented by Kirsten Baldock (Smoke & Guns), Emily Stackhouse (Brazilanoir, Miner’s Mutiny), Josh Richardson (Intervention: Entertainment System), and Yours Truly!  It is always great to be stationed in Artist’s Alley and this year was no exception!  Josh debuted his new mini-comic, and Emily’s Miner’s Mutiny will be available at Stumptown Comics Fest!  Is there another trophy in her future?

Princess Witch Boy sketch by STORM

I got asked a few times to draw in people’s sketchbooks and this is one of the quick sketches I did for a fan. I spent more time on Princess Witch Boy and less on the faeries, but I like the faeries’ sketches a bit better because I didn’t over think them like I did the larger drawing. It is good practice for me to draw on the spot every now and then.

The Writers Old Fashioned Booth

Marc Nordstrom of B Minus Comics/Those Magnificent Bastards and Ms. Monster fame takes some time out to catch up with Josh Richardson and talk to fans at the Writers Old Fashioned booth.

Cute Baby & STORM

I was immediately taken with this darling child as soon as her parents strolled by the booth. We waxed poetic about all things shiny and jingly and then she tried to break my glasses and rip out my earrings. Bless her little Mogwai heart. Makes you wonder, since she comes from nerd stock will she too become a nerd? Will her parents train her in the ways of the Force, Cthulhu and Hogwarts? Is this the face of the new comics buyer? I truly hope so.

Doctor Who and some sea-loving creatures...

This was not the weirdest thing I saw at WonderCon, but it was the best moment most deserving of fan fiction. In this pic we see that a female Doctor Who has stumbled upon a strange pair of people with large (though not in correct relative scale) aquatic creatures. What strange adventures await these sea-faring friends and the good doctor? Tune in next Con, dear reader!

Ken Kneisel, Giuseppe Camuncoli & STORM

I didn’t take many pictures on Friday because I gave a lot of Heroic Tarot readings with the X-Men cards. Saturday sold out and was so crowded that people were jammed shoulder to shoulder. I only left my table once or twice the entire day. Saturday night I attended Isotope Comic Book Lounge’s Frank Quitely party and there are many awesome photos from that epic evening.  Above, Ken Kneisel and I are thrilled to be hanging out with Daken: Dark Wolverine and Hellblazer artist Giuseppe Camuncoli!

slow dance

At the Isotope party, I also met Marvel EiC Joe Quesada, Mixtape artist Jim Mahfood, and of course, the guest of honor Frank Quitely. He signed a candle I had made of an image he drew of Mike Allred’s Madman and my hardcover copy of Neil Gaiman’s Endless Nights (he drew the Destiny story). It was also great to see in attendance such comics luminaries as Joe Casey, C.B. Cebulski, James Robinson, Ted Naifeh, David Mack, Justin Hall, Dave Crosland and Ed Luce (just to name drop a few)!  DJ Bearzbub played some sick beats while James Sime entertained as post-modern ringmaster and Kirsten Baldock rocked the bar in high fashionista style!  I even got to have my annual post-party slow dance with Cultural Attaché Josh Richardson who kept things running smoothly the whole party! Photo by DJ Bearzbub.

Dan, STORM & Atum show off their purchases!

As I am currently in the process of shedding possessions for my upcoming Heroic Tarot road trip, I was very judicious as to what I considered purchasing at this Con. As it turns out, the KusoPop booth entranced me with their RotoBox iPhone protector case featuring their characters Celsius and Fahrenheit as babies. Underneath them, it says, “’til death do us part.” So cute! New buds Dan Ciurczak and Atum Antonio show off their purchases too!

Marvel Vs Capcom

Is there anyone who isn’t playing this awesome game? The booth for Marvel Vs. Capcom was always stocked with wide-eyed gamers trouncing each other with the powers of their fingertips.

Stormtroopers arrest STORM!

From the above image, one might conclude that I got into a bit of trouble over WonderCon weekend. However, that was simply not the case. I just loved the poetic sweetness of Stormtroopers arresting your STORM and had to ask these cosplayers if they’d be interested in posing with me. They were more than happy to oblige. The middle trooper really got into it and was a bit rough with yours truly. I can still remember the weight of his hands binding mine above my head. Got to love a man who knows how to role play. It makes it so much sweeter that I never saw his face.

Black Widow

Here’s a lovely lady dressed as the Iron Man version of Black Widow, complete with curls.  We had a nice chat and I recommended that she read some actual Black Widow comics (she revealed that she only knew Natasha from the movie) and I told her to start with The Champions.  Yep.  I totally did.

STORM & BarBara Luna

I adore BarBara Luna. I met her at my first WonderCon four years ago when we were both wearing fishnet ensembles. She saw me coming down the aisle and beckoned to me like a sorceress. “I like the way you slither,” she told me. Luna (as she asks to be called since no one pronounces her name correctly–it’s “Bar Bar Ah,” not “Bar Bra.”) has been featured in many television shows, movies, stage shows and countless other work. Her filmography shows what an amazing life she has led. Many remember her role as Lt. Marlena Moreau in the 39th Star Trek episode “Mirror, Mirror.” I shall always remember her as a goddess for introducing an uninformed comics queen to her pop culture kingdom.

STORM and an Avatar

I give my best Na’vi fierceness, but it is obvious this young lady has been practicing much more than I have. Kudos to her cool parents for taking her to WonderCon dressed as a naked blue creature!

Trio of Stormtroopers

You might think I have some kind of thing for Stormtroopers, but it’s just that these guys were pretty impressive. I like how all three of them are lined up under some kind of transporter beam.

T-Shirt wall

Each year, I am totally mesmerized by the giant t-shirt wall of Stylin Online. It’s like a post-modern art installation and I find it overwhelming. Truth to tell though, I never buy any t-shirts.

Hit Girl & Kickass attack STORM!

Totally got my ass-kicked by Hit-Girl and Kickass! Okay, not really, but it was too good an opportunity to pass up. Contrary to the photos I am sharing with you, I do not have a beat down fetish. Seriously.


This family is a great example of the amazing possibilities of Wonder Con. Dad gets to be a pirate for a day, daughter gets new Ugly Dolls, and mom gets to kick her heels up! What better way to spend the weekend with your loved ones!


For the last four years, I have always made it a point to speak to the inimitable David Mack. I adore both the writing and artwork of Kabuki in addition to Mack’s Marvel and DC work (and I’ve been kind of stalking him since 2008).  This year I was blessed with getting to spend some time with him outside of the Convention! David attended the Isotope party honoring Frank Quitely and I have to say that he is a great guy, easy to talk to, and full of bouncy energy. It is always disappointing when creators whose work I like turn out to be not the nicest folks, but David is positively brimming with good vibes. He even told me that the painting I gave him a year or two ago is hanging in his kitchen above his sink (yeah, I gave him artwork, but I figured if you could give art to any artist, it would have to be David Mack whose comics are consistently encouraging the creative process).  I am honor to get to know the creator behind such an amazing body of work!  My hat is off to you, David!

Well, that is my roundup of WonderCon 2011!  If you would like to see more pictures of me hugging people you can click on the rest of my photos from the weekend in my Flickr set.  Thanks to everyone who made WonderCon wonder full!  I tip my hat in your general direction!


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