After reading about the third annual Wonder Woman Day, I took a peek at the website of Aaron Lopresti, current regular penciller on Wonder Woman and found some amazing goodies!  He’s got much more beautiful art of Diana!

This issue of What If! Avengers Disassembled featured the Scarlet Witch and a whole lotta Avengers, especially the Beast!  
Lopresti’s rendition of Storm for the Marvel Adventure Avengers comic is one of my favorite contemporary versions of the character appearing regularly in comics these days! It’s just so cool that she’s an Avenger in the “Adventure” line.
In the Marvel Adventures Avengers comic, Storm is co-leader with Captain America!
I was going to save this beauty for a Storm Sunday, but I just couldn’t resist sharing it now! Besides, if you visit Aaron’s site like I recommended, you’d have come across it anyway!

Pssssssst! Hey! All of you Psylocke fans should check out this and this!