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Model Muse: The Joy Of Jolie, The Passion of Pitt

jolie face

I am an avid fan of models, dolls and those in between.  In this new feature (which will appear every now and then as the Muse strikes) I take a look at models in whom I find inspiration.  I have always had a special place in my heart for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as the two of them are simply amazing actors and I love to keep up with their work on and off the movie screen.  In July of 2005, W magazine and photographer Steven Klein featured Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in a portfolio entitled, “Domestic Bliss.”  Though they are from a few years ago, the results are quite amazing and I thought they deserved another look.  Allow me to share my favorite three images from that shoot with you, dear reader. Above, we have a splendid portrait of Jolie with Pitt in profile behind her.  Jolie is simply stunning.  She looks contemplative, serene and perhaps a bit mischievous.  What is she thinking about and what could possibly be distracting Pitt at the same time?  This photo makes my imagination go on and on.

jolie hair

The hairstyle that Jolie is wearing in this cute family shot is one of my all time favorites.  It has such a Barbarella mod look to it and that, combined with the vintage clothing she and Pitt are wearing places this image in a era of bygone Hollywood.  With her stylish  cover up and her arms outstretched, Jolie serves up a unique blend of starlet priestess.

angelina and brad

In their evening clothes indoors, the couple oozes wealth and aristocracy.  The aqua chair and burnt orange vase contrast Jolie’s beige dress and Pitts black suit, making these figures larger than life.  They could be post-modern Barbie and Ken after a few years of marriage, complete with any playset they desire.  Again, Jolie is distracted with her own concerns and Pitt is placed in the background, his activities placed second to hers.  These photos are dripping with stories as extensive and rich as any telenovella.  Kudos to Steven Klein.


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  1. Scarlett

    oOOOOOHHHH I love these picture!s I think I’m going to take another look at those pictures! thank you for sharing them with us 😀

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