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The Wonder Of Cosplay

flash ww

WonderCon is almost upon us and I am so excited!  I will be with my Writers Old Fashioned compadres in Artists’ Alley at booth #AA-088 with Princess Witch Boy candles, original artwork, archival prints, and the last remaining copies of issue #2 (You can read issue #1 here)!  I will also be giving Heroic Tarot readings, so if you have never experienced my award-winning X-Men readings, now is the time!  I will be at the Writers Old Fashioned booth on Friday from 1-7pm, Saturday from 1-7pm and Sunday from 11-5pm.  I look forward to seeing you there!

I really enjoy giving readings at conventions, especially when they are in my hometown!  One of my favorite aspects of the show will be the brave individuals who run around dressed as their favorite characters!  I love to dress up myself whenever I can, but this year I will be living vicariously through other cosplayers.  I dug out some fun images of costumed folks that I had been saving to share with you, dear reader.  I hope you enjoy them and will attend this year’s WonderCon to see me and all of the fantastic imaginauts!  Above, a Flash and Wonder Woman cosplay couple get cozy at the MUNI station.


Here’s a fun DC Comics team up!  Catwoman and the original Flash, Jay Garrick!  Catwoman looks rather Tim Sale-ish in her purple catsuit complete with bangles and opera gloves while the Flash is taking a more casual approach to crime-fighting in his jeans.  Love the shiny winged helmet!


One almost never sees folks dressed up as Havok and Polaris, so kudos to these two cosplayers for bringing some old school X-Men to the mix!


This here is a seriously beefcake Batman who looks like he means business!  Wonder what he’s got in those bat-pouches?


This is a great Robin suit and I like the lil bit of punk flair he added by dyeing his hair with green streaks.  Nice guns, Mr. Drake!


This Wolverine has some serious chops (and I don’t just mean his facial hair) to pull off the classic yellow and blue costume!  Thanks, bub!


Loki had a great gender reversal in the pages of Thor a little while back and it was a great design, one which this young woman replicated quite well.  Love  the horns!  I feel that she’s serving a little bit of Rose McGowan as well.


I don’t think I’ve seen many, if any, Umbrella Academy cosplayers and it is lovely to see this rendition of the White Violin.  I wonder how annoying it is to carry around props, especially musical instruments, at the bustling Con.  However, she looks great and it makes me want to reread my trades of Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba’s stories.

ares wonder con

Marvel really broke my heart when they offed Ares in Siege.  I had fallen in love with his character, due to his amazing Dark Avengers mini-series by Kieron Gillen, and it was a treat to see the character embodied in the flesh at last year’s Wonder Con.


I think the children who really get into the superhero spirit are my favorite cosplayers.  This Lil Flash and Lil Wonder Woman are simply too precious for words.  I loved that Flash is eating a cookie to keep his metabolism going!

That’s my cosplay roundup for today!  Feel free to link to your favorite photos, or share your own cosplay experiences in the comments!


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  1. J. White

    Wolverine totally has a hard on O.o

  2. Scarlett

    Lovely article Storm ^^ (as all of yours)

    it’s just too bad in France, it’s pretty rare to have comic cosplayers, we’re so mu h into “anime”, “manga” or vidoe games cosplay 😮 kids who cosplay are just like you’ve said, too precious for words! I melted when I saw this! really =3

    I’d love to do a Storm cosplay but white wigs don’t suit me really well. but If I have time and money, I’ll try to cosplay as cecilia reyes 🙂 the only thing I’ll need to add would be breads 🙂

    who did you cosplay?

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