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WonderCon 2008: Writers Old Fashioned

Folks, I’ve been remiss and haven’t given you the skinny on Writers Old Fashioned, an amazing group of comic writers (and artists) who I get to pal around with on the occasional Sunday. Fate is kind!

Writers Old Fashioned is full of fine folks with amazing talent and drive and we were out in fine fashion this WonderCon! Maybe you saw our booth in Artist’s Alley? Maybe you checked out the wares of Matt Silady, Kirsten Baldock, and Jason McNamara? Well, never fear if you were unable to grace us with your presence! Fate (i.e. the internet) has been kind in promoting what Writers Old Fashioned has been up to. Hint: We were busy busy bees!

David Brothers covers WonderCon Day 1 & Day 2:

Matt Silady reveals his “triple threat” plans for 2008:

Newsarama shows us some love:

Newsarama writes about the Isotope party for Darwyn Cooke (check out our very own Danger Bob working a Writers Old Fashion-able t-shirt):
Pictures from the Isotope party honoring Ben Templesmith & Antony Johnston :
Pictures from the Isotope party honoring Darwyn Cooke:

You can visit the Writers Old Fashioned website here. Check out everyone’s bios and see what they’ve got cooking! And check back on the website often as we update!! I’ll do my best to cross post over here as well! Jason McNamara and I ham it up at the Writers Old Fashioned booth. This man is a caution! His wit will astound you. Think you’re beyond blushing? Think you’ve heard it all? Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you! Be sure to check out his new comic The Martian Confederacy, drawn by Paige Braddock! It will be out in July 2008!

On the other hand, Emily Stackhouse is the epitome of etiquette. In this photo, she shows off her inimitable fashion sense while my head disappears into fluorescent lighting! Yippee! Ms. Stackhouse is working on a mini-comic called Brazilianoir! Be sure to keep an eye out for it!


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