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Storm Sunday: Xenogenesis Ororo


This gorgeous Xenogenesis version of Storm was created by the DeviantArt creator 89g as inspired by the designs of Kaare Andrews.  Ororo looks quite gaunt as if she were a supermodel punk rocker.  This look hearkens back to Storm’s mohawk days in which she was a bit more unpredictable in behavior and attitude as a weather manipulator ought to be, in my humble opinion.  I love the feather earrings and the hot pink background.  I think 89g’s rendition does justice to Andrews’ Storm.  Comics Alliance has a great article about the artwork of Andrews on Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis in which writer David Brothers appreciates Storm’s new look.

Her fluffy white hair, blue eyes, ornate costume and cape have given way to an X-Men t-shirt, pupil-less eyes, fingerless gloves, military-style pants, and no shoes. And it’s a look that really works, and has the casual feel of a uniform without actually being one, sort of like what security guards will wear at a club or concert. The kicker, though, is her hair situation. She’s got somewhere around six feet of brilliant white hair that begins in a long mohawk on her skull and flows out behind her like a tail as she flies.

Let me tell you something from personal experience — that length of hair probably requires twelve hours under a hot comb, a gallon of relaxer, and a quart of pink lotion to keep in control every single day. In real life, it would be absurd. In comics, it’s still absurd, but it makes for a great visual. Her hair is paired with two white feather earrings, giving her hair the appearance of something like a mane. This is a great look for Storm, both regal and fascinating, and isn’t so far off the mark that she can’t be instantly recognized by her fans.

I concur with David.  I really enjoyed this Warren Ellis penned story, mostly because of the risks that Andrews was willing to take with the characters’ appearances.  Thanks to Andrews for boldly leaving his mark on the X-Men and thanks to 89g for a stunning homage to the series.


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  1. Ingonyama

    Seeing this picture, I can’t help but flash back to Uncanny #122, where Storm goes back to the Harlem apartment she was born in and discovers a den of junkies hopped-up on some drugs I can’t remember and has to fight to defend herself from them, before getting a “Life On The Street Is Tough” lecture from Luke Cage (then-Power Man).

    …then again, I just saw “A Scanner Darkly” for the first time last night, so make of that what you will.

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