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Storm Sunday: George Pérez

Here’s the amazing artwork of master artist George Pérez, depicting the lovely X-Women in their 1990s gear!  At the top we’ve got Rogue in her leather jacket, Jean “no codename at the moment” Grey is on the right, below is Psylocke in all of her Asian ninja glory and Storm works the left with those giant X’s below her massive shoulder pads.  I’ve always loved George’s work because he makes each character he draws look distinct.  There’s no tracing here, folks.  Each of these women look like they could really exist as real people, with special attention being shown to each facial and body characteristic and in regards to their personalities.  The latter is what brings it home for me.  Rogue is high flying and comfortable in her powers, Jean looks intense, Psyocke has a bit of mysterious to her expression and Storm is otherworldly and queenly (before she was Queen, natch!).

I love this image because George isn’t known for drawing the X-Men (See Wonder Woman, New Teen Titans, JLA/Avengers, & Sachs & Violens for some of his greatest runs), although he did draw Uncanny X-Men Annual #3 in 1981.

I did find some more images of Storm by George as well as an amazing group shot of the X-Men from the 90s and one from long ago!  Check them out!


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  1. I really love this piece. Psylocke looks great.

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