For a long time (don’t make me count) I had been wanting to meet Terry and Rachel Dodson, husband and wife comics creative team (he pencils and she inks–both also color their work on occasion) and this WonderCon made it happen!
Terry sketched me a lovely image of Nemesis (from the current Wonder Woman storyline) just before the Con ended on Sunday. Many thanks to Rachel Dodson, who wasn’t the keenest on having her picture taken and seemed a bit surprised that I wanted her to sign my copies of Wonder Woman too. These two really inspire me. I love the idea of being able to be in a relationship and partners in your creative collaboration. It gives me hope.

At his panel, Terry revealed some of the origins of how he and Rachel started working together (Rachel’s not a comics buff and considers her inking his work her day job). You can read more about the panel here and more about the Dodsons here.