Minimates Storm

There was a time when I collected every toy, model, figurine or representation of Storm and I had a massive collection of our weather goddess.  That time is no more and although I have not been recently inspired by any Storm related products to actually buy any of them, I found this model sheet for a 90s era Storm to be fascinating.  Minimates are  tiny little toys known for not having noses and really weak elbow and knee joints.  At least, that is my take on them.  I don’t think it particularly interesting to reduce a character to a simplistic block-headed existence, but there seems to be an audience for them.  I do enjoy the planning it takes to make such a toy, however, and this model sheet breaks the figure down into all of its components.  This particular Storm figure came in a two pack with the Black Panther and a review for them can be found here.  You can see classic Storm and mohawk Storm here.  What Storm toys or figures are your favorites?  Include a link in your comments!