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Witches, Faeries, & Druids, Oh My!


Hi Lovely Readers!

I wanted to take a minute to let you know that I will be attending PantheaCon in San Jose this weekend.  It is my first time attending and I am super-psyched about meeting other witches, faeries, druids and the like.  I am also performing in The Living Tarot, presented by The Circle of Dionysos.  In this magickal presentation, actors embody each of the Major Arcana.  I have been asked to portray the Moon!  I am so excited about my silver and white drag and my non-verbal dance piece I have created (to the tune of Crystal Castles’ “Tell Me What To Swallow”)!   I will be taking photos all weekend and will be sure to blog about my experience once I return!

I will not be available for Heroic Tarot readings this weekend, yet you can make your appointment for the following weekend!  Call Swankety Swank at 415.932.6615 today!

Hope you are all hale and hearty!




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  1. Tommy

    Glad to have met you this weekend. From check-in to the after parties your presence is warming. Can’t wait to see you next year!

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