Here’s some more fabulously costumed folks that I met at WonderCon:
Dunno what manga inspired these younguns, but they were more than happy to spring into battle pose for me! Go, ninja!As my friend Marc Nordstrom said so aptly, “The family that uses the Force together, stays together.” (But don’t they all look a bit glum? Was this dad’s idea? And where’s mom?)

I heart skinny Spider-Man, he has a lean torso like me! My new friend (from Mister Lobo & The Queen of Trash’s booth). I had a devil of a time getting the fur out of my lip gloss! I forget his name, darnit!
This dragon man warrior caused quite a scene in the exhibit hall when he came striding in! I love the gauntlets and how his eyes peer out from the mask! Well done, indeed!