Storm by Stephanie Buscema

I fell in love with the art of Stephanie Buscema the first time I saw this rendition of Susan Storm, the Fantastic Four’s Invisible Woman.  Stephanie has been trained in traditional brush work techniques (without computers! *gasp*) and her work invokes mid-century illustration and design.  Buscema’s work can be sweet, sexy, or quirky, and oftentimes all of the above.

Stephanie recently tweeted the above painting of Storm and I fell in love with her work all over again.  Stephanie understands the construction of Storm’s tiara (something near and dear to my heart as regular readers of stormantic already know), she did not forget the ruby on her cape, and she gave Ororo some great lip color that cosmetics diva Iman would be proud to wear (see Wild Thing).  Those arched eyebrows and curved eyelashes bring glamour and authority and I adore the bronze shimmer on her eyelids.  I can only hope Stephanie gets a chance to paint mohawk Storm as well!

Check out Stephanie’s blog, follow her on Twitter, and see her work in Girl Comics (the hardcover came out last year)!