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White Queen Wednesday: Nick Bradshaw

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel

Welcome, gentle reader. Today, in this short and sweet installment of White Queen Wednesday, I would like to spotlight a couple of lovely Emma Frost commissions drawn by Nick Bradshaw. You might recognize his vibrant kinetic art style from previous editions of White Queen Wednesday and Storm Sunday, where he made the seemingly random assortment of mutants currently residing on the X-Men’s island Utopia appear more like a cohesive unit.

In the image above, an especially sultry White Queen luxuriously lounges on a sumptuous poster bed in front of a roaring fireplace and beckons Cyclops to come hither, perhaps teasing him with his ruby quartz visor. “If you want it back then come and get it!” she might be saying. Although it looks like Emma is about to fall right off the bed and out of that top, which might not be as sexy as she intended.
With all that swirling psyching energy whipping around her, Emma appears to be casting some kind of tempestuous telepathic spell. I definitely prefer Emma’s high heels from the first image over the chunky low heeled boots she is sporting here, but I must say she still looks great.

That’s all for this week, gentle reader. I told you it was going to be quick. Come back next week when I will get a little bit more in-depth and explore Emma’s complicated relationship with a one-time foe and current teammate who I have been itching to discuss for weeks now.


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  1. NB

    That’s some fine looking pin-ups.

    So, Kitty next time then? Don’t know if I’d call her a foe of Emma’s though, victim might be a more correct term for their relationship at the time. 🙂

    But I’m drawing a blank on any other options. Storm already got her day and Jean is still dead.

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