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White Queen Wednesday: OHOTMU

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel

White Queen OHOTMU

It is once again White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. Today I would like to share with you Emma Frost’s profile from the original Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. We’ve seen what Steve Rogers had to say about the White Queen as a hero in his assessment and follow-up, but these pages offer a less opinionated and more thorough exploration of Emma’s history and powers when she was still a villain with the Hellfire Club.

I’m pretty sure Emma’s profile picture is drawn by Mark Beachum and I love it. Here she exudes a glamorous brand of old school Hollywood sensuality, serving us Marilyn Monroe. It’s interesting to note that Emma amassed most of her enormous personal fortune in the transportation and electronics industries as CEO of Frost International.

White Queen OHOTMU 2

Speaking of electronics, one little known and  rarely mentioned fact about Emma is that she is an electronics genius, having designed and built various devices to amplify mental abilities like the one used by Jason Wyngarde to project his illusions directly into the mind of Jean Grey before she became the Dark Phoenix and the gun that Emma used to swap minds and bodies with Storm.

These pages contain lots more interesting nuggets of information about Emma’s rise to power within the infamous Hellfire Club and her attempts to recruit young mutants like Firestar and Kitty Pryde, so I encourage you to click on the images to make them bigger and read all the rest for yourself!


Here is the entry for the Hellfire Club as an organization which includes brief biographies of the Black King Sebastian Shaw, the Black Queen Selene and many other noteworthy Hellfire Club members and associates.

That’s all for this White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. Until next week…


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  1. NB

    I wonder how much of this that is still considered canon at the Marvel offices (assuming they spend time thinking of things like that!). At least some of was contradicted by later revelations of her past from New X-Men and onwards.

    Of course, it is canon mostly ESTABLISHED by the handbook, so it might be considered up for grabs. Handbooks should ideally just document existing canon from the actual issues, and not invent it on their own.

  2. Ingonyama

    I agree with NB.

    That said, I also feel the worse Emma comes off during her villain days, the more I like that she’s an X-Man now…it kind of goes to show that no one is beyond redemption, not even the most corrupt and ruthless of villains.

    In trying to whitewash her in their recent stories regarding her past, Marvel seems to be taking away from what I loved about her and turning her into something she was never meant to be. I like Emma as a “bad girl gone good,” just like I loved Blackarachnia during the final season of Beast Wars (Transformers reference).

    Marvel’s attempt to have made her “never really bad all along” just takes depth away from her character, IMHO.

  3. Emma was originally 125 lbs, but they later upped her weight to 144. I’m guessing it’s because 5’10” and 125 lbs does sound a bit offbeat.

    How are they whitewashing Emma’s past? I’m not sure I understand the term whitewashing here.

  4. Saidi

    Problem is Emma Frost died in 2001, post Generation X, I haven’t seen her at all…. & I don’t consider that hack Morrison ‘s iteration as Emma AT ALL !

    All is explained here , also , I simply LOOOOVE your Tarot analysis man ! Just Love them ! Keep up the good work ! & Kisses from Tunisia !

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