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White Queen Wednesday: Olivier Coipel

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel


Welcome to White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. This week I turn the artist spotlight towards some truly stunning depictions of Emma Frost drawn by Olivier Coipel. He is without a doubt one of my favorite modern artists and his Emma is simply to die for. The head sketch above is perfection personified with a flawless face and fairly dripping with Emma’s trademark attitude.


A bad girl like Emma really shines when she has a good girl to bounce off of, and this breathtaking commission pairs her with her dear departed teammate Jean Grey. Wow is about all I can say about this amazing illustration, as Olivier Coipel imbues the two telepaths with that sexy mutant supermodel quality on par with a master like Marc Silvestri.


Olivier Coipel also gave some amazing Emma during the alternate reality House of M miniseries. On this two page spread, Emma’s natural role as a teacher and mentor is highlighted as she helps young mutant Layla Miller understand and come to grips with her burgeoning powers.


Here Emma and the rest of the Astonishing X-Men arrive at Avengers Tower to assist the assembled Avengers in figuring out what to do with their troubled teammate Wanda Maximoff, the reality-altering Scarlet Witch.

Emma played a rather significant role in the House of M storyline, and thanks to Olivier Coipel she also looked spectacular while doing so. But I would like to discuss all that another time in order to give the subject the attention it deserves. So for now I will bid you adieu, darlings. Until next week…


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  1. Thanks for this – I think I never actually focussed on Coipel’s work before, and only noticed him when I disliked his cover for “Wolverine and Jubilee” #1. He does a magnificent Emma – I’ll now be looking at his work in an entirely different light.

  2. Coipel really does draw a great Emma, and I think it’s all about Emma’s face when it comes to nailing her looks. I’m very picky when it comes to her appearance, and I’d say it’s about 50/50 for me when it comes to liking Emma Frost art. I wish I could have all the Emma Frost statues out there, but I gotta admit that some just aren’t attractive – which keeps me from buying them.

    I love the sketches as well. The face on the first sketch is just brilliant with her head slightly tilted up.

    Good stuff.

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