This piece just sizzles with kinetic flair! I love the use of the cape as a dark visual element and the wave on top of her hair as well as her thin fingers. She looks powerful and cute thanks to the dramatic use of lines and the cartoon style of her face. I also really like how he’s depicted her classic costume and tiara. I would love to see more of this artist, but all I have is the signature to go by. So if you know this artist’s first name, please drop me a line! I’d love to promote their work!

I remember seeing this piece published in Wizard magazine alongside an article about the X-Men movies, but I don’t know the artist’s full name. I like this alternate reality where the X-Men could actually win an Oscar!

And finally, because I love this image, but have nothing else to go with it, I thought I’d share one of my favorite eras of Marvel’s Merry Mutants from the Marvel versus Capcom video game. This is not my favorite outfit of Rogue’s (I prefer the all black bodysuit with green thong and torn t-shirt top), but this is classic Gambit and a very nice version of the Jim Lee Storm costume (except those shoulder pads are outrageous. I like how her hair is reminiscent of the cloud-like form John Byrne used to draw her with.