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White Queen Wednesday Extra: January Jones, Part IV

An Emma Frost Update
by Ken Kneisel


Welcome back once again, gentle reader. It’s only been a couple of short weeks since the LA Times Hero Complex blog featured a revealing interview with January Jones, the actress who will portray Emma Frost as the White Queen in the upcoming X-Men: First Class film prequel, and now they’re back with more news from the set along with a few intriguing photographs of the cast of young mutants.

But if you’re anything like me then the only thing you will be interested in is this stunning picture of January Jones as Emma seated beside Kevin Bacon as the Hellfire Club’s Black King Sebastian Shaw. Note that this now means that Emma Frost has merely one degree of Kevin Bacon.

January looks amazing bedecked in a white leather catsuit, seemingly channeling Emma Peel of TV’s The Avengers. Which would be appropriate enough, since so the story goes, Emma Peel was apparently the White Queen’s namesake based on the episode A Touch of Brimstone which was also what partially inspired the creation of the Hellfire Club.


White Queen Wednesday Extra: New Writer, New Costume


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  1. NB

    Looks like some real information is finally starting to come out!

    Here’s another intervew with January Jones from IGN:

  2. Oh, I love the photo of Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost. This makes me happy. 😀

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