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White Queen Wednesday Extra: New Writer, New Costume

An Emma Frost Update
by Ken Kneisel


Hello again, gentle reader. Marvel’s solicitations for April were recently released and they reveal some interesting indications for Emma Frost. Beginning in April’s Uncanny X-Men #534.1, the title will be getting a new regular writer, Kieron Gillen. Judging from these covers, Emma Frost has taken this creative change as an opportunity to get herself a new costume as well. Or perhaps new costumes, plural.

In the cover above, drawn by Carlos Pacheco, Emma wears what appears to be a combination of several of her previous costumes. The immediate impression is of her classic Hellfire Club outfit of lingerie with gloves, thigh high boots and a cape, although there are some noticeable alterations. Above the waist, she is still wearing a slightly modified version of her Astonishing X-Men outfit with the choker, corset and off the shoulder cape with gloves. Beyond that, she appears to be wearing briefs similar to those she wore when she first joined the team during the New X-Men era, and it looks more like she’s wearing thigh high stockings with knee high laced-up high heel boots rather than thigh high boots. This outfit is really growing on me the more I look at it.


However, here on the cover of Uncanny X-Men #535 drawn by Terry and Rachel Dodson, Emma is wearing what is clearly an all white version of the black costume she wore during her brief stint leading Norman Osborn’s Dark X-Men. This outfit is not without it’s own charm, although it is an unusually covered up look for Emma, merely baring her navel and a hint of cleavage instead of all the skin she normally shows. It actually looks more like what Emma might wear as a cold weather ensemble with it’s fur collar and massive sweeping cape to keep her warm. I think this is a good look for Emma, conferring upon her a sense of elegance and class that her typically skimpy outfits don’t usually call to mind. The Dodsons clearly like it enough to have brought it back in her signature all white color scheme.

I like both of Emma’s new costumes and I look forward to seeing which one she winds up wearing more often. Ideally, I would prefer to see her wearing an assortment of subtle variations on these outfits the way she did during the New X-Men era when different artists each put their own particular stamp on her Frank Quitely designed costume. While I’m not suggesting she take it to the level of a Janet Van Dyne wearing an entirely new costume in every issue, I like to imagine that Emma has whole closets full of white clothes and would get bored wearing the exact same thing all the time.


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  1. NB

    Lately it seems Emma often has costumes on the covers (usually a HFC style getup) that doesn’t match what she wears inside the comic.

    But maybe this time will be different as the cover and issue artists are one and the same for both issues. At least I hope so, as I also liked these costumes. But if not, there’s always the covers. 🙂

  2. Aaron Frey

    I like all the variations of Emma’s looks. What I can’t get over about the cover is Kitty. She looks older, very muscly and a lot bustier. I didn’t think that was her at first.

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