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White Queen Wednesday: Stephane Roux

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel


Welcome to White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. On Sunday, STORM spotlighted some lovely Storm artwork drawn by Stephane Roux. I love the first few issues of Zatanna’s current ongoing series he drew. So I thought I would share with you some equally appealing Stephane Roux drawings of Emma Frost as well. In the above image, Emma is wearing her White Queen outfit from her time with the Hellfire Club, although not for long since she has dropped her cape and is in the process of unlacing her corset. Naughty Emma!

This Astonishing X-Men illustration is simply stunning. Emma’s blonde hair is so platinum it is practically stark white.


Here is the black and white inked artwork and original pencils for this image.



Stephane Roux also drew this promotional image teasing Emma’s involvement in Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign a couple of years ago. While I am bored by the tired suggestion that the White Queen has returned to her evil ways, I can’t deny that Stephane Roux gives good Emma.


Here is the pencil art for this promo image and an alternate preliminary sketch as well.



Finally, I love this simple bust sketch of Emma with a refracted diamond background.


Here is Roux’s vision of the 80s X-Men, although Rogue didn’t wear that Jim Lee designed green and yellow bodysuit with the brown jacket until the 90s. Phoenix looks content lounging on a cloud. Kitty Pryde phases through a wall but poor Lockheed appears terrified by the experience. I like the way Magik actually looks like a teenage girl rather than a miniature adult. Polaris just looks lovely and here’s Edie Sawyer AKA X-Force’s U-Go Girl.

Thank you for joining me this White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader.


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  1. NB

    I wonder why Marvel never used that Astonishing X-Men image as an actual cover at some point. Well, not too late yet perhaps.

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