So, if I haven’t drummed it into your head yet, this WonderCon was my first comic book convention and it totally knocked me for a spin! In a good way, of course! Here’s some shots of me with some of my fave comic superstars who took the time to talk to me and sketched in my WonderCon sketch book!
Peter Gross posed with me for this pic and sketched me a headshot of Mazikeen from the Lucifer series. (Peter also came to the Isotope party for Darwyn Cooke later in the evening!) And a special shout out to Mark Brooks who not only remembered adding me as a friend to his MySpace page, but drew me a hot sketch of Spider-Man!
All I need to say here is that David Mack is not only the nicest man I’ve ever met–he practically exudes the qualities of what we commonly refer to as a “gentleman” (he put up with me stalking him on Saturday and Sunday), he is a reservoir of chillness. And he not only drew a sketch for me, but he made one for a friend of mine who lives on the east coast, too! I heart David Mack! Those of you who know me may not believe it, but upon bumping into David’s booth, I simply lost my ability to speak. I ended up blurting out, “I really like your stuff!” before he thankfully steered the conversation into less stupid areas. It’s sad when the pedestals we create for our heroes keep us from relating to them.
Speaking of pedestals (and being starstruck upon our first meeting at the Isotope’s party for his Batman run with Grant Morrison) here’s me with J. H. Williams III of Promethea fame. Jim attended the Darwyn Cooke/Isotope party, too!
Bless Mark Robinson for being the only artist that drew my lovely Ororo for me at the Con, but he also drew her in punk rock mohawk phase which is one of my favorite incarnations of ‘Ro. Mark also graced the Darwyn Cooke party with his presence. Thanks so much, Mark!