StormPantherGod by Chris Samnee

You may be familiar with Chris Samnee (rhymes with “Omni”) from his work on Thor: The Mighty Avenger with writer Roger Langridge and the graphic novel Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale with writers Joss and Zack Whedon.  If so, I am sure you love his amazing artwork as much as I do.  I wish he had had a longer run with the Thor series and I hope he gets a new title as soon as possible.  His work is too awesome to not have every month!

I love his take on Storm as she and the Panther God go adventuring.  It’s always cool to see artists show Storm grounded and the lighting effects from her lightning are dramatic and unique.  Storm looks stoic, powerful and ready to rumble!  Also, Samnee’s Storm has got some serious nails!

Click here for Samnee’s profile on DeviantArt.  Follow him on Twitter here.