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White Queen Wednesday: L Rey Arzeno

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel


Welcome to White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. This week I would like to spotlight some Emma Frost artwork drawn by L Rey Arzeno. I noticed these White Queen commissions on his DeviantArt gallery and felt compelled to share them with you.

I love the sumptuous quality of these illustrations. From Emma’s luxurious fur-trimmed cape to her jewel-clasped panties, the attention to detail on her Hellfire Club costume is really breath-taking. I also enjoy her cascading locks of hair and the way Arzeno draws the White Queen dripping in diamonds.


Here Emma shares the page with one-time nemesis Jean Grey and her fiery Phoenix raptor. I like the contrast between these two telepaths, with Emma’s seductive glance ensnaring the viewer’s attention in preparation for some undoubtedly manipulative machiavellian machinations while Jean’s distant other-worldly gaze stares right through you in omnipotent cosmic judgment. Both ladies look absolutely lovely.


Now Emma and Jean are joined by teammate Psylocke and the X-Men’s trio of sexy female telepaths are united. The White Queen and Phoenix are still pitch perfect and Psylocke’s cool calm and collected exterior is complemented by the violent force of her psychic knife, the focused totality of her telepathic powers. For her part, Emma looks gorgeous and her bosom is positively overflowing in that two-sizes-too-small laced up corset.

If you like these illustrations (and why on earth wouldn’t you?) then I would recommend that you have a look at L Rey Arzeno’s other artwork, like this classic Storm with some tribal tweaks to her costume and striking punk Storm with her stiletto boots and massive mane of a mohawk. He has a poofy pink costume Psylocke surrounded by her butterfly power signature and a more reserved purple armored Psylocke from the X-Men’s Australian Outback era. Speaking of that time period, he’s also got a jazzy Dazzler with her short-cropped haircut and colorful aerobic workout ensemble. Plus there’s an enchanting Polaris showing off her metal-manipulating magnetic powers in a costume I don’t quite recognize.

But L Rey Arzeno’s illustrative talents are not simply limited to the various X-Ladies. He’s also pretty good at drawing the mutant boys too, as evidenced by this acrobatic Longshot. I like the embellishments he made to Havok‘s costume, lending some visual interest to the headpiece of his simple design. A shirtless Wolverine slashes through the air and a half-naked Colossus shows off his metallic musculature in the scenic sunset before the two team up for their trademark Fastball Special. And while he might not be a mutant, let’s end with Wiccan the fan-favorite teen mage of the Young Avengers.

Thank you for joining me this White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader.


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  1. NB

    Great find!

    Much of the so called fan-art of Emma is painfully bad but this really gets her.

  2. Ingonyama

    Wiccan is a mutant. He’s just a mutant with magic, like his mom.

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