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My Solar Return!

Today the sun has returned to the position it was in when I was born! What better way to celebrate this day of new beginnings than with this amazing solar-powered image of Promethea drawn by J. H. Williams III! If you haven’t checked out Promethea by Alan Moore & J. H. Williams III, you are missing out on a wonderful adventure in magic and imagination! Promethea is perhaps my favorite finite series of all time! Alan Moore’s writing is full of wit and wisdom and the characters are easy to fall in love with. And J. H. Williams’ artwork will blow you away! says that one’s birthday is when you receive “a new impulse from the energy center within you, as symbolized by the Sun. Therefore any new venture that you start at this time will ride the crest of this new energy and will very likely come to an acceptable conclusion. Whatever you do or begin today will bear the stamp of your individuality more than anything else. This is the day to assert yourself anew!” Now that’s a great reason to celebrate one’s birthday!


I’ve never understood people who don’t like to acknowledge their birthdays. To me, it’s a time to bask in the amazing unique creature that is you. It’s time to affirm your connection to the world and the people with whom your surround yourself. It’s time to give thanks for the blessings in your life and time to reflect on the last year and make plans for the next. It’s a personal high holy day!


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  1. Ocean

    Celebrate you! Happy Birthday!!

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