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Stormwatch: Fear Itself & Age of X

Fear Itself

Marvel is cooking up a little something they call Fear Itself.  I love that Storm is featured front and center, but why is she the only female heroine in the spotlight? As if Dracula’s (far left) involvement wasn’t screwy enough, we have to endure this many alpha males?  And it looks like the Thing won’t be the one dying in Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four arc, which has me nervous for the Invisible Woman.  It is nice to see Storm’s husband in the picture, but these days T’Challa is living in New York City super-hero subbing for Daredevil and Storm is certainly not cooking him dinner in Hell’s Kitchen.  Will the married couple interact in these pages?  Marvel promises there will be character developments happening in this crossover that will affect regular titles as well as far reaching consequences.  I am definitely checking this out for the pencils of Stuart Immonen alone.  We shall see what kind of tale Matt Fraction will spin.

Age of X Coipel

Remember those awesome character design sketches by Olivier Coipel for the upcoming Age of X crossover? Well, it looks like we won’t be enjoying any interior art by Coipel for the Age of X: Alpha one-shot (click for more preview images), but if you’re lucky maybe you can get the variant cover with the above artwork. Readers of this comic can play the “who is that supposed to be?” game in addition to finding out what the hell is exactly going on in yet another alternate reality with characters who have been completely redesigned to barely resemble themselves.  No thanks to Marvel for pre-empting my New Mutants.  I need my Dani Moonstar and Karma fix (and I miss Zeb Wells already).

Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Check out the page above and the one below.  Even with Coipel’s designs as reference, I am having difficulty placing everyone.  The only reason I am posting this page is because apparently in this reality, Storm and Namor the Sub-Mariner are a couple (see panel two).  It’s an interesting decision that Mike Carey has made to put these two characters together.  There is a poetic potential between the two.  It could be a really cool to witness the powers of the heavens meeting the waters.  I shall reserve judgment until I read some dialogue between them (but Mike Carey writes really awesome dialogue).

Age of X splash

This splash page gives us a lot of old characters in new light (Hi, Phoenix!).  Storm’s working a bikini and Cyclops looks like a gargoyle.  Oh, I want to love this, but I really hope we get some crisper lines in the regular crossover.

There’s two more titles that Storm will be showing up in soon.  I didn’t promote them in the title of this post because I am not exactly thrilled with the ideas behind the images, but for you Storm completists out there, here is Storm’s head on a pike and Storm, Wolverine and Cyclops as Lizard hybrids. *shakes head*  With that, dear reader, I bid you a fond adieu.


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  1. Sahoni

    Well, Quesada is heading it. So I suspect another married couple devil pact.

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