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Storm Sunday: The Heroic Age

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In September we looked at Storm’s file card from The Heroic Age: Superheroes as “written” by former Captain America Steve Rogers.  Mr. Super Soldier himself has now turned his attention to the mutant heroes of the Marvel Universe in a new one-shot entitled The Heroic Age: X-Men. There are all new dossiers on all the mutant movers and shakers, including the X-Men (and what appears to be an official roster of who actually is an X-Man), the New Mutants, X-Factor and the so-called “Five Lights”.  There’s more, but I will let you read the comic for yourself.  Today we look at the newest Storm musings from Steve.  Why would the dude in charge of national security waste his time by writing two entries on the same people?  It’s a mystery, but as you can see after comparing the file card above to the one from September, Steve is very interested in Storm’s marriage to T’Challa and he wonders how she can manage being the Queen of Wakanda and a member of the X-Men.  I do believe that the latter concern was laid to rest in the the Storm mini-series X-Men: Worlds Apart.  Someone ought to send Steve a copy.  As for the marriage, it seems strange to harp on it when Black Panther is currently standing in for Daredevil in New York City and he’s asked Storm to leave him alone while he tests himself or something.  And um, aren’t they not the rulers of Wakanda anymore?  How  does she retain the title of Queen?  This writeup seems a bit behind on current events and that doesn’t bode well for the supposed leader of the free world or whatever title it is that Obama gave Steve.  At least this writeup does cover all the bases regarding Storm’s powers, skills and talents.  The first two sentences are spot on and I love the quote they used even if I cannot for the life of me place its origin (readers, do you know?).  More of Steve Rogers’ crazy paranoid, sexist, mutant-hating,  file card ruminations regarding the X-Men will be posted this week.  Insert artwork by Salvador Larocca.


Happy New Year! Bright Blessings For 2011!


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  1. Eric

    Storm says it in Uncanny X-men 180 to a gang of would be muggers, she has just subdued. It was during her punk phase.

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