Empowered creator Adam Warren recently shared his creative process regarding amazing artwork of Marvel Comics heroine Valkyrie!  I found these images in Warren’s deviantART profile and if you like what you see here, you might consider checking out his gallery!  Above we have the final piece of art, but check out his inks and sketches below!


Valkyrie stands confident even as she is surrounded by Ice Golems!  How do I know those are Ice Golems?  Well…


Adam’s notes in the margins of his sketch told me so!  How awesome to see the steps taken to make some gorgeous artwork!  By Odin’s beard, verily this is sorcery of the most high!  Now that you’ve looked at the steps from completion to origination, scroll back to the top and see them in the correct order!  And while you’re on the internet, investigate Empowered and discover the sexy genius that is the work of Adam Warren!