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The Sandman: Death and Dream by Colleen Doran


The Sandman and Death are intricately illustrated by the amazing Collen Doran, creator of the science fiction space opera A Distant Soil.  I love the art deco style of design permeating this drawing and the level of detail that Colleen put into this piece.  From the stars to the roses, to the folds of fabric and the sheen on Death’s boots, this image is simply inspiring!  But all those things are obviously meant to draw our attention to, and deepen the character of, our titular siblings.  Seeing Dream slumbering creates a more human impression than one normally gets from him and having Death stand guard over him, alert and ready to wield he scythe is pure genius. For another portrait of Dream and Death by the inimitable Colleen Doran that I find completely breathtaking, please click here.


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  1. Who is the face on the gravestone? It’s… evocative. I like the motif of stars and roses.

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