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Doctor Strange by Colleen Doran

Doctor Strange by Colleen Doran

Doctor Strange by Collen Doran, creator of the science fiction space opera A Distant Soil.  I love this image of the master of the mystic arts because it combines solid anatomy with with an ethereal magical quality.  Colleen gives the character grace and elegance with a sense of gravity.  Stephen’s face is grave with the understanding of his otherworldly duty.  Someone has to keep the chthonic forces of the universe at bay!


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  1. Lovely drawing – there’s a lot of movement in that picture, as if he is levitating on etheric waves. I’ve always loved Doctor Strange’s costume – it’s magical and even gaudy, but eminently practical and comfortable. I know, because I once made myself a copy. Too bad I didn’t have his books of spells…

    Or maybe just as well.

  2. cbaker

    Yes! Dr. Strange’s facial hair done right.

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