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Storm Sunday Extra Extra: Storm by Colleen Doran

Storm by Colleen Doran

I have the pleasure of owning an original sketch of our weather Goddess in her punk rock glory by the amazing Colleen Doran, but I was drooling with envy when I saw this sketch of Storm in her more traditional 90s era aspect.  This version of Storm is regal, refined and reserved.  At first she seems stoic, like she’s carved out of marble, but that slightly arched eyebrow gives us just enough information to know that there’s emotions roiling below the surface of this placid beauty!  And that gem is gorgeously rendered!  I recommend you check out Colleen’s website and read pages from her epic A Distant Soil.  Last year, I posted Colleen’s awesome pinups from Marvel Fanfare and I wrote a bit about meeting her in 2008.  We’ll be taking a look at more of her work in the near future.


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  1. I’ve never wanted any woman with lifeless eyes more than I’ve wanted Storm.

    And that includes dead women.

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