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Storm Sunday: Pteranostorm

superdinos-7 storm

Dinosaurs and X-Men definitely have a history.  I have lost track of how many times our mutant heroes have traveled to the Savage Land and battled our ancient ancestors.  However, dinosaurs plus the X-Men?  Suddenly I am swamped with visions of the dinosaur version of Rachel Grey/Summers–known as R’chel–and I want to wash  my brain.  That character was certainly…ahem…memorable.  Luckily for us, the artist known as Legitimus Maximus understands that mutant dinosaurs should be dinosaurs first and mutants second.  His growing collection of superheroes as dinosaurs is humorous and celebratory.  I think you’ll want to check them out.

X-Fan will want to see his dinosaur versions of Nightcrawler, ColossusWolverine, Cyclops, and Gambit!


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  1. I love these so much I won’t even point out the inaccuracies. How about that?!

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