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White Queen Wednesday: Jae Lee

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel


Greetings, gentle reader. This week I present you with several illustrations of Emma Frost by Jae Lee. I like the dreamlike quality of this cover for the upcoming Wolverine #6, the start of a storyline titled Wolverine vs. The X-Men. It certainly looks like the X-Men’s current ruling council (which consists of Emma Frost, Cyclops, Namor and Magneto) have it in for Wolverine judging by this image.

There is a delicately ethereal and uncharacteristically girlish quality to Jae Lee’s depiction of Emma Frost. She looks less like the malevolent evil queen and more like a ruddy-cheeked fairy princess, an unusual yet interesting interpretation.


Before Emma persuaded Namor to join the real X-Men, they were also teammates on Norman Osborn’s Dark X-Men along with Weapon Omega, Mimic, Wolverine’s son Daken the Dark Wolverine and Cloak & Dagger. This version of Emma is slightly vampier in her temporary black-costumed guise, although the fragile dreamlike quality of Jae Lee’s artwork remains.


Norman Osborn thought he had convinced Emma to forsake Cyclops and the X-Men but she played him for a fool, betraying Norman while recruiting Namor.

I hope you enjoyed these few pieces of Jae Lee artwork featuring Emma Frost, gentle reader. I would be interested to see how he would depict Emma in an illustration where she is featured front and center. In the meantime, I will join you here again next week for more about Emma Frost.


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  1. NB

    Would be neat if Jae Lee drew an actual story with Emma too and not “merely” covers. Great as they are.

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