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White Queen Wednesday: Arthur Adams, Part II

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel


Welcome to White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. I am thrilled to share a rare treat with you this week, the original artwork for the cover of New Mutants #39 drawn by stormantic favorite Art Adams. I already spotlighted this deliriously evil cover image of Emma Frost as the White Queen once before, but I thought you might like to have a look at the delicately lovely linework as well. If you pay particular attention to the signature at the lower right hand corner of this image, you will also notice that this cover was inked by another of my favorite New Mutants artists, Bill Sienkiewicz.

The last time I shared this cover image with you, I mentioned that it was the only time I could recall Art Adams ever having drawn Emma Frost. It turns out I lied. STORM recently did some digging for Art Adams artwork and discovered this striking corner box image of Emma Frost menacing young Kitty Pryde from the cover of New Mutants #16, the first appearance of Emma’s Hellions, which I hadn’t even realized was also drawn by Art Adams.

Art Adams - White Queen

Kitty looks so vulnerable in the company of the wicked White Queen. Emma appears positively evil with her severely sunken cheekbones and the manipulative gesture of her left hand contrasted by her right hand’s balled up fist. But she still looks amazing with not a hair out of place in her high heel boots, bodice, long opera gloves and fur-collared cape.

I hope you enjoyed this further taste of Emma Frost drawn by Art Adams, gentle reader. Until next week…


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  1. Ingonyama

    I have to wonder why Art Adams was never given more work with Emma. Now that we can see her face, her appearance is quintessentially White Queen…and statuesque, in a departure from what I’ve always seen as an usually cute style for Marvel.

    I’d like to see Art’s take on the second half of Emma’s backstory, as revealed in her cancelled series. At least let him do the covers, so we don’t have to look at that overdone cheesecake we were subjected to anymore. >.<

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