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Age of X Character Designs by Clay Mann

Coipel Age of X

Momentum for Marvel’s Age of X is building!  Check out this interview with writer Mike Carey and this interview with Vice President Executive Editor Alex Alonso about what to expect (or not) in this new X-Men storyline!  Also, I highlighted an image from Age of X by Leinel Francis Yu in this post.  Since details about this crossover are few and far between, I am going to simply present the character designs by the awesome Olivier Coipel (thanks Comic Book Resources!) for twenty one of the characters with a few conjectures on my part.  Mostly, dear reader, I just want to oooh and ahhh at the gorgeous art with you!   In the image above, there’s a wide range of characters to investigate, but once I realized that the female characters are the same as my favorite four women from the Australian Outback days, I got really excited!  Storm, Dazzler (back to the short hair she used to have back then), Psylocke and Rogue?  Oh yes, please!

Age of X characters designs

None of the characters are listed in these images, but I think guessing who is who might be a bit fun.  Starting on the left, that is certainly Gambit, Rogue, Magneto and guessing by the purple color scheme, I’d say that is Psylocke.

Age of X characters designs 2

I’ve been reading on the CBR X-Men forum that some folks think the first person on the left is Legion, and that makes a lot of sense to me, but my first impression was Erg from the Morlocks, but perhaps he is Berzerker.  The middle person is Hellion who recently lost both of his hands in the main X-Men reality.  He’s missing a much larger portion of his arms in this redesign and looks to be manipulating his floating metal hands with his telekinesis.  The identity of the woman is unknown to me, and I’ve seen guesses ranging from Wind Dancer to Unuscione, but I think she is Amelia Voght.

Age of X characters designs 3

My guesses for this group (from left to right) are Sunspot, Dazzler, Thunderbird/Warpath, Jubilee, Chamber, Frenzy and Cyclops.

Age of X characters designs 4

I think these folks are Colossus, Pixie, Storm, Namor, Avalanche, Cypher infused with Warlock and Cannonball.  The idea of Storm and Namor is an interesting twist.  I can see how two elemental characters with inflated sense of self (Carey has said that Storm will be even more uber in her goddesshood in this reality) but I hope this isn’t just a retread of how Storm and Black Panther have been represented (that is to say, lackluster).

Age of X characters designs full

Here’s an image of all of the twenty-one characters revealed so far, and here’s a link (spoilers) to the first Age of X historical logs in which the fate of one of the original X-Men is revealed.  The Age of X is on its way!


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  1. One more reason I love you…you’re with me on Mohawk Man being Erg! I put that forth as a possibility over on the forums, but folks seem to be stuck on his being Berzerker.

    An indication of how much I’m looking forward to this…I’m actually *visiting* the forums again! The high degree of snarkiness there is somewhat of a turnoff (okay, a major turnoff) and I tend to avoid them nowadays, but I’m willing to endure it for this one!

  2. Christian

    Yes! Coipel’s teaser image at the beginning of the post is to DIE for!
    Definitely one of my favorite artists and his portrayal of Storm is superb. Just look at that mane he gives her!
    And even in its sketchy for, Yu’s character designs are equally breathtaking. Of course, our goddess had to be the most scantily glad female of the group (what else is new?); not sure how I feel about that just yet, considering most of these images show what seems to be a post-apocalyptic world for our mutants here. And it’s taking me a while to get used to seeing those to-die-for heels paired with that loin cloth…
    BUT, she does look quite fierce 😉

    Awesome as always, STORM!

  3. Akeeko

    I am so drooling right now! I love love love the characters re designs! I adore short hair Ali and i’m totally digging how she is featured as a (main) part of the team. I hate how she’s just background noise in Uncanny right now.

    For some reason, I’m thinkin’ the dude with the mohawk is Colossus’ child–the one he had with Nereel in the Savage land….or I was thinking Legion….

    I’m totally with the Frazetta like outfit that Storm has—Lovin her pose with Namor!

    (Thank You for sharing this with us cuz Goddess knows I don’t have the patience with CBR)

    …Can I get this in a Poster?

    • Akeeko! Nice to see you again! I too love how Dazzler looks with her new outfit. I think the checkered patterned on her outfit is meant to “reflect” the design of a disco ball! that first image rocks and it should totally be a poster!

  4. Amelia Voght was my first thought regarding the mystery women – though of course it’s only a guess, and a wish. I like the character and we haven’t seen her for a while.

  5. I’m hearing alot of people saying that the mohawk dude is legion but i’m inclined to think he’s Quentin Quire. Kid omega has almost the same hair in the warsong series, and magik has hinted that this whole event was triggered by legion wanting to “come home” so i don’t think it’s him.

  6. bob

    those designs are by clay mann

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