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Storm Sunday: Jim Lee, Part II

Artist Jim Lee’s version of the X-Men is a treasured part of my adolescence. I have to admit that I looked forward to every issue of X-Men he drew and loved his creator owned creation WildC.A.T.S comic as well. It’s interesting to note how long his costume redesigns lasted. And whether you like it or not, Psylocke’s ninja bikini is now her most classic costume. I’m not sure what that says about the character. Anyway, I thought it might be fun to revisit the time the X-Men were stationed in the Australian outback. I really loved the original outback lineup of Havok, Wolverine, Longshot, Colossus, Rogue, Storm, Dazzler and Psylocke. The balance of male and female teammates appealed to me. Of course, we also had Gateway, Jubilee and Madelyn Pryor. Then a reformed Polaris joined after a very strange power switch (that’s why she’s so American Gladiator-ish in the pic below) and Banshee and Forge returned as trainers. A lot of stuff was going on on Muir Isle around then. Things were getting crowded again with lots and lots of characters.

Above, Psylocke and Storm look menacing with their energy powers and diva stances. I love this version of Storm’s costume sooooo much! I wish she had actually used it in the books. The choker rocks and is reminiscent of her punk era. The side cut looks visually appealing, and her ruby takes center stage to give us some sex appeal (by that I mean some skin). The shoulder pads are a bit 90s but I like them here with the baggy sleeves and cape. It’s regal, but superheroic and pin up girl at the same time.
Storm, Forge & Polaris. Storm looks amazing here. Totally gorgeous, regal, and commanding. I’ve never understood why Forge doesn’t cover up his cybernetic leg. Like, what? Does he cut of one of the pants legs every time he get a costume? Hey guys, look! I have an artificial leg! Or maybe he needs access to the materials in his leg to make stuff? I dunno. And Polaris, love that hair, girl! And the muscles! It was nice to see a girl with super strength actually look like she had it.
Jubilee, Havok, Psylocke & Wolverine (in the foreground). Jubilee was great under Jim Lee’s pencils. Loved her smart mouth and her bubble gum. She was a great character foil for Wolvie and the ultra cool (as in chilly) Psylocke.
Rogue, Banshee, Gateway (in the background) & Colossus. This is my favorite costume of Rogue’s. Actually, I like the one in the 80’s where she’s wearing the black bodysuit, a green thong and a green tank top with double belts, but this one is close enough. And no one, and I mean, no one draws Banshee’s costume with as much flair as Jim Lee. He really knew how to get those stripes to look amazing!
Storm with short hair and in the blue and gold uniform. This haircut didn’t last long, but I think it’s pretty cool. I’m not, however, a fan of Storm in this outfit. I like the X-Men when they’re in the their own individual costumes. Leave the uniforms for the younger kids who haven’t reached X-Men status yet.


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  1. Kevin Patterson

    Thanks for sharing that amazing Jim Lee poster art in its original form … I used to have the triptych framed. If you have the original art that’s an amazing coup. Either way, thanks for sharing and the trip down memory lane. That was an amazing watershed in comics.

  2. Thai

    Ultra-cool (chilly) Psylocke, hehe … I like that & most of all your opinion, cheers!!!:)

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