There were a lot of WonderCon super-heroes & creatures whose photo I was compelled to take due to either the fierceness of their outfit or how in character they were (sometimes it was both!). Here’s the cream of the crop of the DC Comics heroes:This Robin was really cool, although a bit coy. He had his hair brushed over his mask and it was hard to see his eyes. Great costume though and so up to date as this is what Robin is wearing now in Teen Titans and in his own title.
This Superman was pretty cool, though I wish his “S” was a little differently stylized and I’m not too keen on how much of his neck is showing. But he was a pretty chill guy and I think he looks really good.This Harley Quinn was so sweet! She was in the middle of something at her booth when I asked to take her picture and she dropped her paperwork and came right around for the photo op. Lovely lady!
This young woman let me take five pictures of her beating up me and a friend of mine, but I wanted to share this picture the most as it shows you the amazing handiwork that went into this costume that she made herself!

This photo of Robin and his family is my favorite! These wonderful folks are really a family and when I asked to take a picture of all three of them, Mrs. Robin said she didn’t usually let people do that. I begged for her to reconsider as I felt that they truly represented the best of what I think WonderCon was about: Significant others letting their loved ones be themselves even if they themselves aren’t really into the comics scene. Besides, I said, your baby is gorgeous. Maybe that’s why she finally agreed. I dunno. All I know is, Robin here looks great and having him in this pic with his beautiful wife and child might go a long way to disproving those gay rumors flying around about him and Batman.