coipel x-men 1

I was a bit surprised to realize that I have not dedicated a Storm Sunday to the amazing linework of Olivier Coipel, an omission that will be corrected today!  You’ve seen this variant cover of X-Men #1 (Volume 2)in all of its colored glory, now feast your eyes on the original pencils featuring Storm, Pixie, Wolverine, Emma Frost, Jubilee and Cyclops.  Coipel never fails to make Storm look like a supermodel!


I wish I knew where this image saw print as I love the composition and (most of ) the characters.  Cannonball in the upper left balances Rachel Summers/Grey (Marvel Girl) in the upper right while below (from left to right) Wolverine, Rogue, Bishop, Nightcrawler and Storm (check out those cheekbones) face the viewer.  I like the varying sizes of the characters and how most of them are breaking through the panel.  The little flecks of ink at the corners and the white flecks inside the frame are fun additions.  I wonder if this was a purely promotional piece or if it saw print anywhere.

X-men character study coipel

Awesome Coipel sketches of Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Storm and Marvel Girl.  I love how Coipel draws Storm as a regal, almost impassive, presence.  He gives her great hair and always gets the tiara right!  Wolverine and Nightcrawler look classic too!

Coipel also drew some beautiful pages featuring the Young Avengers in a backup story for Uncanny X-Men #536.  Here’s pencils from page 2 and page 5.  Have you seen Coipel’s  cover for Generation Hope #1?