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Storm Sunday: Marc Silvestri, Part IV


This Storm Sunday we continue our look at the X-Men artwork of Marc Silvestri where everyone is a beautiful supermodel!  Above, Master Mold threatens to destroy Rogue while he holds Psylocke in his robotic clutches on this cover of The Uncanny X-Men #246!  I am a huge fan of Rogue’s opera gloves, bathing suit and thigh high boots over her black body stocking.  Never cared for Psylocke’s armored outfit with the cape, but I know it has its fans.  Today we’ve got sexy new wave Dazzler, butterfly effect Betsy, impetuous Havok, ‘roided Lorna, lovers Destiny and Mystique, and X-Men lineups from the Australian Outback X-Men and Messiah Complex.


Dazzler is saved from the dark by U2’s “Rattle and Hum” in this page (4) from Uncanny X-Men #246.  Then she cuts herself on the Siege Perilous.  Oh, Alison, what are we to do with you?  *shakes head*  It seems that writers since then have been asking themselves the exact same question.  Ms. Blaire is in dire need of a revamped costume (that Simone Bianchi design is beyond outré) and a new sense of purpose.  Having her team up with Northstar and Pixie in Matt Fraction’s current Uncanny X-Men is simply not enough.

XMen 246 page 15 marc Silvestri

In Uncanny X-Men #246 ( page 15) Dazzler shows off why she is hot stuff, much to Havok’s chagrin.  Now that I think about it, everything is much to Havok’s chagrin.  Poor Alex.  Maybe he will get the respect he deserves when he, Polaris and Rachel return from outer space, but I highly doubt it.

Silvestri - Uncanny X-Men 247 page 9

The second panel of Uncanny X-Men #247 (page 9) shows off a lovely Storm portrait.  Rogue is possessed by her Carol Danvers psychological aspect, Psylocke is working it at the team’s telepath and Dazzler and Longshot have a tender moment.  I miss this team so much.

uxm249p6 silvestri

Rash thoughtless Havok is his own worst enemy in Uncanny X-Men #249 (page 6).  Knock yourself out, Alex.  Not literally!  Oh, never mind…

1989 MSilvestri X-Men 249 page 19

Uncanny X-Men #249 (page 19) shows us how much fun it is to be a telepath.  All those thoughts of murder and mayhem can really bring a girl down.

Uncanny X-Men #249,page 20 Marc Silvestri

Havok decides to step up his game by threatening bad guys with amputation in Uncanny X-Men #249 ( page 22).  And why is Vulcan still alive?

Marc Silvestri X-Men 249 page 22

“What you can’t see, you can’t fight!” says Barbarus.  A true gem from Uncanny X-Men #249 (page 22).  I “see” that Whiteout can make people blind, but can she fix my spelling errors, too?  Another unfortunate codename in the grand proper noun tradition.


Psylocke gets crafty and sends her teammates through the Siege Perilous in Uncanny X-Men #251 (page 19).  Little did she know the outcome of both of their fates.


Legion interferes with Lorna Dane‘s fight with the Reavers in Uncanny X-Men #254 (page 18).  This was during the time Lorna suddenly gained super strength and invulnerability,  a development I was never really wild about.  Legion is a such a wild card that I enjoy his appearances, no matter how brief.

uxm254 page 9 Marc Silvestri

The precognitive Destiny stumbles upon a crystalline future in Uncanny X-Men #259 (page 9).

Uncanny X-Men 254 page 20 silvestri

As this amazing page from Uncanny X-Men #254 (page 20) attests, Destiny was a character of great depth.  Her character gave a great balance to Mystique, her lover and partner in crime.


I was greatly saddened when Destiny died in the pages of Uncanny X-Men #255.  I would much rather it had been Forge.  Of course, out of all the characters on this cover, only Mystique lives on.


Colossus gets a checkup while some Genoshan ne’er-do-wells get in trouble in Uncanny X-Men #259 (page 6).

marc silvestri x-men 260

Silvestri drew some lovely gowns during his X-Men tenure such as the one Dazzler wears before getting kidnapped by one of her “fans” in Uncanny X-Men #260 (page 24).  And I believe that the tall man in the last panel is meant to be Jim Shooter, writer of the graphic novel Dazzler: The Movie.


Jean Grey returns from the dead only to be attacked by demonic creatures in Uncanny X-Men#261 (page 15).  Some girls just can’t catch a break.

xfactor08Page13 silvestri

Here’s a fun page (13) of X-Factor #8 in which Freedom Force fight amongst themselves.  I adore Spiral and her addition to this team was genius.


In this page (30) of X-Factor #12, Jean and Scott are torn apart again.  If I ever have to compete against my own clone for the man I love, I think I would shoot myself.  Love this page.  Jean looks gorgeous and I like it when Scott’s hair is a little bit grown out in the back.


More recent work from New X-Men #46 which showcases Sunfire, Random, Exodus, Scalphunter and Gambit all arrayed around baby-holding Mystique.

New X-Men 152 pages 11-12

More New X-Men art, this double page spread from #152 features Wolverine, Cassandra Nova and the Stepford Cuckoos.  That’s some mighty big claws.

Silvestri, Marc - Phoenix Warsong, issue 1, cover

A cover shot from Phoenix Warsong features the Astonishing X-Men team (Beast, Emma Frost, Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Cyclops and Wolverine).

marc silvestri x-men the messiah complex 1 Joe  Weems (inker) cover

This Messiah Complex image by Silvestri is inked by Joe Weems.  As a huge fan of Angel, I love how Silvestri nails the pretty boy aspect of Warren Kenneth Worthington III.

Silvestri X-Men Messiah Complex 1page 5

And that is why I am ending this post (and our last three weeks of Silvestri appreciation) with this page (5) of Messiah Complex featuring Angel.  Thanks for reading!


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  1. Ingonyama

    Havok and Dazzler had an extraordinarily cute relationship back in the Outback days. They both served the same basic role on the team…that of back-row blaster…but where Havok was pure, raw power, Dazzler had by that point trained her laser beams to the utmost accuracy and precision. It was a subtle thing, but it did showcase Claremont’s preference for the X-Women over their male counterparts. In this case, I absolutely approve of this move…I never felt Havok made the most of his potential for some reason. Probably his brother issues.

    On the subject of Dazzler, I am a big fan of her burgeoning friendship with Northstar, but I feel it could be handled much better, given a little bit of focus. I’m torn between wanting Northstar to have been a fan of Ali’s records and thinking that’s a little too much like the gay community’s current stereotypical obsession with Lady Gaga (and past stereotypical obsessions with Madonna, Cher, Bette Midler, Judy Garland…)

    I love Exodus’ costume. It’s probably one of the most original designs I’ve ever seen. And those little useless golden shoulder-wings are so cute.

    I’d love to see a What If…? exploring what would have happened had the X-Men NOT jumped through the Siege. Would Psylocke, Havok, Dazzler, and Colossus have lived? Died? Been abducted? And what would have happened when the wayward X-Men, including Storm, Wolverine, and Rogue, reunited to learn the fate of their missing friends?

    I love both Jean Grey and Madelyne Pryor. Just like I loved both Magneto and Joseph, Psylocke and Revanche…What is it about clones that makes them so expendable? All three of these characters could have been fascinating on their own, once their true natures were revealed…but once someone is revealed to be a clone or an “impostor,” it seems as though suddenly the headsman’s axe MUST come down on them. It’s annoying.

    I still don’t like Angel, but at least Silvestri draws him looking both strong and attractive. Artists have a tendency to err on the side of “too pretty” when it comes to drawing him, or else make him so distorted (particularly when he’s the blue-skinned Archangel) that he’s hideous. Silvestri and Aaron Lopresti have drawn pretty much my favorite renditions of the character so far.

    I have no idea, to this day, where Polaris’s “secondary mutation” came from. I wish someone would explain it, but I’m glad it’s never been revisited. I much prefer her as a Mistress of Magnetism.

    Obligatory gush: I LOVE ARMORED PSYLOCKE! Obligatory rant: BRING BACK BANSHEE!

  2. I really have to ask: Where do you get all the original inked pages? I’ve never seen so many original pages in my life! And from my favorite artists as well!

    • I suppose it is not a secret that I find most of them on Comic Art Fans or in image searches on the internet. Glad you are enjoying them!

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