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Storm Sunday: Marc Silvestri, Part III

SilvestriUncanny236 cropt

Today we continue our look at the supermodel/superhero artwork of Marc Silvestri!  I have fifteen original Uncanny X-Men art pages for us to appreciate today, many of them featuring Madelyne Pryor and the Inferno crossover!  


Uncanny X-Men #236 (page 16) features the Australian Outback Era X-Men, their aboriginal teleporter teammate Gateway, and the nefarious demon N’astirh.


I don’t actually remember just what exactly is going on in page 3 of Uncanny X-Men #238, but I think it involves a group of mutant hunters, the Phoenix Force, Mr. Sinister and that rascally demon N’astirh.


Havok attempts to rescue Madelyne Pryor from the Genoshans in Uncanny X-Men #238 (page 25) as Madeylyne and the Genegineer have a confrontation.  The fifth and seventh panels are amazing with the shadows falling across Maddie’s face, showcasing her determination and grim resolve.


Undercover Wolverine and Rogue work with Phillip Moreau to investigate Genosha in Uncanny X-Men #238 (page 13).

silvestri Uncanny X-Men 239, page 3

Mr. Sinister holds court in Uncanny X-Men #239 (page 3).  I love his diminutive crystal versions of the X-Men.  Even bad guys appreciate the joys of playing with dolls.  However, I will never understand how or why Mr. Sinister wears thigh boots inside his ankle boots.  Seriously overstated, dude.


Dazzler and Longshot go for a motorcycle ride while Madelyne and Havok get closer in Uncanny X-Men #239 (page 14).  Madelyne’s connection to the Phoenix Force is hinted at in this issue.  This page is so pretty (seriously, that is the only descriptive I have for it).  There’s a sense of loveliness here.  The romance blossoming between Havok and his brother’s wife is moved forward here and the last four panels are simply gorgeous.


Madelyne begins to discover her origins as a clone in Uncanny X-Men #239 (page 18).  Clones and demons and mutants, oh my!


Maddie decides to take her flirtation with Havok to another level, consummating their relationship in Uncanny X-Men 239 (page 26).


Maddie and Havok go out on the town during the beginnings of the demonic invasion of Inferno in Uncanny X-Men #240 (page 3).


Madelyne and Havok return from their date and Gateway teleports Maddie to her secret demonic meetings in Uncanny X-Men #240 (page 8).

Uncanny X Men 242 pg 20 Silvestri

The Inferno influenced X-Men face off against their friends from X-Factor in Uncanny X-Men #242 (page 20).  Dazzler and Longshot fight Iceman while Beast and Rogue pit their strength against one another.

Uncanny X-Men 242, page 23 by Marc Silvestri

It would not be a Storm Sunday without some actual art of Storm and this page from Uncanny X-Men #242 (page 23) shows Storm reflecting back on her time with Forge on the Adversary’s world.

Uncanny X-Men 242p24 by Marc Silvestri

Inferno is in full swing while Madelyne (now the Goblin Queen) holds court with Havok (rechristened the Goblin Prince) in Uncanny X-Men #242 (page 24).  Last panel:  “Presto! One demonic temple complete with sacrificial altar.  Satisfied?”  Awesome dialogue.  When I first read this issue as a youth, the tattered clothing of Maddie and Havok did all sorts of naughty things to my young brain.


Madelyne “The Goblin Queen” Pryor, ladies and gentlemen!  Available for demonic infestations and child sacrifice in your area.  Call for an appointment today!  Seriously, Jean Grey on a magic leash is total win. From Uncanny X-Men #242 (page 40).

1988 MSilvestri UXM 243 page 2

The X-Men are reunited with the members of X-Factor after the events of Inferno, and  Storm takes charge of a Malice-possessed Polaris in Uncanny X-Men #243 (page 2).  This “take no prisoners” aspect of Storm is so much fun to read and a character trait that I miss from her modern day portrayal.  Join me next week as we look at more sexy artwork featuring the Australian Outback X-Men, Mystique and Destiny, and some recent work by Marc Silvestri!


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  1. Akeeko

    I remember # 240, I loved the fact that Maddie’s (can I call her Maddie…?) dress keeps changing every other panel. Ahhh Marc..I love love love the supermodel X-men

    Awesome Sunday Storm!


    • Thanks, Akeeko! You’re the best! Thanks for your fun perky comments! (and yes, you can totally call her Maddie!)


  2. Ingonyama

    Is it sad that I wish Silvestri had illustrated the entirety of the X-Men/X-Factor chapters of the Inferno arc?

    Seriously, it felt like the guy on X-Factor was phoning it in compared to the lushness and vibrancy of this work. Silvestri’s Madelyne is still my favorite drawn version of her, whether in flightsuit or black sorceress lingerie.

    • shadow

      I wish Silvestri had illustrated the entirety of the X-MEN franchise.

      Marc Silvestry is far the best drawer of all times.

      • Tommy

        Totaly agreed. Silvestri is the best artist ever. I love the way he draws the X-Men. And that arc is the best of all. The Inferno saga is, by far, the best saga, along with Mutant Massacre.

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