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White Queen Wednesday: La Belle et la Bête

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel


Welcome to White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. Today I discuss Emma Frost’s fast friendship with Henry McCoy, the brilliant bouncing blue Beast. After so much discussion of Emma’s animosities with characters like Storm, Firestar and Jean Grey, it will make a nice change of pace to talk about her much more pleasant relationship with Beast. It’s really no surprise that they’re such good friends, considering they share such sparkling intellect and wry wit. Beast has been one of Emma’s staunchest and most vocal supporters from the moment she first joined the X-Men, helping her understand the secondary mutation to transform her body into living organic diamond which she had recently aquired.


He is quick to her defense, fiercely deflecting Agent Brand’s insinuations regarding Emma’s loyalty.


But they also joke around a lot, like the time Beast teased Emma about her kinkier proclivities by suggesting that she might like to see “young men in tight clothes wrestling in front of” her.


Beast attempted to console Emma with champagne, flowers and fine literature after her devastating confrontation with Jean Grey.



But when he discovered that she was shot, Beast was so devoted to Emma that he attempted to recompose every last piece of her shattered diamond body, which later allowed Jean Grey to use her Phoenix powers to bring Emma back to life.


When Emma later suggested that she might leave the X-Men following her clash with Jean and subsequent resurrection, Beast told her that she would be missed and complimented her teaching skills.


They kept each other company when their plane was sabotaged and they were left stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.



Plus they really seem to know each other very well, like when Emma told Beast that she was absolutely certain he is not gay (it’s a long story) and he warned her against interfering with the marriage of Cyclops and Jean Grey. Incidentally, I absolutely love Emma’s look here, with her reading glasses, long dramatic cigarette holder and maribou-trimmed smoking jacket.


It’s also important to note that when Beast recently became disenchanted with the X-Men and left the team to join up with his girlfriend Agent Abigail Brand’s SWORD organization and later accepted the offer of Steve Rogers to be a member of his Secret Avengers, he did so based on his disagreements and disappointments with Scott and not Emma. Although it could certainly be argued that this has something to do with Emma’s influence on Scott’s character, Henry himself never made any such claim.




I also simply love the way Emma Frost and Beast look together. Her buxom blonde bombshell looks and his big blue furry form make for a striking visual.

Thank you for joining me for White Queen Wednesday this week, gentle reader. Until next week…


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  1. I wonder if it all has origins in Henry’s “once a villain…” outburst during NXM #126, the best ever X-Men comic, though, Ken; I love the relationship but it was not e’er thus.

  2. Ingonyama

    I’m glad Beast was so friendly with Emma. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s what made her transition to the X-Men possible. Most of the X-Men remained monumentally distrustful of her, despite her years of working with Generation X beforehand. Someone had to reach out to her, and Hank is possibly the nicest out of all the X-Men, with the exception of Colossus. In addition to being nice, he’s also phenomenally cultured, so it makes sense for him to reach out to someone with a similar level of class to himself. (Incidentally, this is why I am such a huge proponent and fan of a romantic relationship between him and Psylocke!)

    Regarding the rift between him and the X-Men, I feel that was more disillusionment with Scott’s new direction for the team than any problems with anyone else. He called out Emma for keeping secrets during that whole “Dark X-Men” nonsense, but other than that he seemed to be aware that, while she may have gotten the ball rolling on this darker, edgier Scott, it was Cyclops himself, and no one else, who decided to behave the way he did.

    After all, it was Scott who recently left him to be tortured in a mad scientist’s lab for weeks on end, not Emma. (and then Iceman has the effrontery to defend Scott for this? Against someone who has canonically been his best friend for his entire life?! WTF, Marvel?! [/rant])

    Anyway, Scott’s recent dickery aside, I love seeing Beast and Emma on a team together. They have a unique symbiosis of brains and brawn…arguments could be made for either of them being in either role. And it’s always nice when Hank has someone of a comparable level of worldliness to converse with.

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