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White Queen Wednesday: Giving Thanks

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel

I appreciate you joining me for this Thanksgiving edition of White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. I had already written about an entirely different subject when I remembered this Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade float from the late 1980s which included Emma Frost as the White Queen, and decided it would be fun to share this vintage video footage with you instead.


It is interesting to see Emma represented alongside other more established and recognizable Marvel Comics characters like Spider-Man and Captain America, considering at the time she hadn’t really made all that many appearances in the comic books themselves. Perhaps this can be seen as foreshadowing her recent rise to prominence as a major player in the modern Marvel Universe.

In fact, the only other X-Men characters I see on that float are Wolverine and Magneto. So Emma stands among a select few representatives of Marvel’s mutant contingent.

Although that one announcer clearly doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I’m willing to give her a pass on Dr Strange’s “explosive underground lab”, although I’ve personally never heard of any such thing in reference to the Sorcerer Supreme’s Sanctum Sanctorum. But Metropolis and Wonder Woman belong to the DC Comics stable of concepts and characters, not Marvel. Willard Scott seems to be aware of this fact when he jokes back “Hulk and Wonder Woman. Who knew?”

Emma Frost has a lot to be thankful for, like the true love she has found with Cyclops and the hard-earned acceptance and respect of her fellow X-Men, including teammates like Storm and Kitty Pryde who were previously quite skeptical or even outright hostile towards her placement on the team.

I personally have a lot to be thankful for as well, primarily all my wonderful friends. Everything I have and value and cherish in life, I owe to them. For that, I will love them always.

In particular, I must thank my best friend STORM for so graciously allowing me the awesome opportunity to guest write here at stormantic over the past eight months and share my love for Emma Frost with you all. It continues to be an inspirational experience. Thank you so much, STORM!

I am especially grateful for you all, my gentle readers and commenters, particularly prolific power commenters like Ingonyama, Judah and Aimee. I truly appreciate all your feedback, commentary and thought-provoking insight. If you are not among those I just named, I hope you do not feel slighted but instead choose to leave more comments so that I may get to know you better.

That’s all for this Thanksgiving edition of White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. I do hope you join me again next week for more discussion of Emma Frost.


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  1. You rock, Ken! Thanks for bringing your love, wit and wisdom for the White Queen every Wednesday! stormantic is all the richer for it!

  2. Wow! They actually put the White Queen on a float. Now that is pretty awesome. I don’t even think Marvel does floats anymore. Do they?

    And thanks very much for the shout out.


  3. Ingonyama

    I think Marvel avoids doing floats these days because the fans do better cosplay.

    Thanks for the kind words! You and STORM really make this blog a joy to visit and comment on. ^_^

  4. Jon

    Thank you for the video, and for both of your work on this blog, it’s so amazing. How do you get this stuff?!

  5. i don’t think my eyes will ever recover from seeing Dr Doom bumping and grinding while he hangs off the side of a float. white queen looks hot though.

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