Gambit by stormantic

Gambit as drawn by STORM (after Jim Lee)

“Allow the surface noise to fade.  I am here waiting.”  ~Solus (The Faeries’ Oracle)

Today I had great difficulty putting my thoughts down, so I asked the Faeries’ Oracle for assistance in how to best approach my writing.  I was very excited when I drew the bright fiery face of Solus, representative of Knowledge, Consciousness, Synthesis, and Spiritual Empowerment.  His presence in a reading lends us energy, revitalizes us so that we may shine brighter than before.  He reminds us that we are lightbringers.  As I type this, I feel brighter than I did before I drew his card.

As a Singer (a kind of angel and beneficent spirit), Solus stands at the gateway between our mundane realm and that of the magical Faerie world.  He “encourages us to stand on our own feet, to recognize and utilize our own wisdom, to depend on our own strength, and to acknowledge and work with our own good qualities, using them as stepping-stones to improve the less good.”  He helps us find balance through understanding the boundaries of this world and the limitless possibilities of our highest potential.

It is with great clarity that I see that Solus appeared to me as a symbol for Tarot itself.  Reading these cards requires that I bring my very best self to each experience.  By being present, focusing my knowledge and applying my intuition, I am able to bring many disparate elements together into a whole.

Tarot, like Solus, is “movement into the light…a time for taking action, passing on our blessings and learning.”

Cyclops by stormantic

Cyclops drawn by STORM (after Jim Lee)

A Heroic Tarot reading makes a great gift!  You deserve to have a synthesis of your external and internal worlds;  Perhaps you also have a special someone in your life who would benefit from spiritual empowerment?  When you purchase a Heroic Tarot gift certificate, you are giving them a conscious gift.  And they also receive an original piece of artwork drawn by yours truly, depicting one of the characters from the X-Men.  One of a kind artwork for a one of a kind experience.

Today I share with you four ink and watercolor pieces based on some of the cards in the X-Men deck.  Fans of the X-Men from the 90s or the cartoon will certainly recognize these images.  I also draw different images for each of the decks and couples gift certificate art cards are also available.  I have included a couple of reviews that I have received from my clients on Yelp to give you an idea of the kind of experiences others have had with Heroic Tarot.

Rogue by stormantic

Rogue drawn by STORM (after Jim Lee)

“If you want a personalized, thoughtful, creative tarot reading this is the reading for you.

STORM gave my husband and I a couple’s reading a few weeks ago and I can NOT rave about it enough.  The cards STORM uses are unique, making your experience that much more meaningful.  The reading included symbolism from the elements of the earth, the hierarchy of the court, the characters of X-Men (!), and the more traditional arcana.   STORM takes you on a journey, guiding you through your questions and challenges.

The reading was an all encompassing, completely professional, and extremely special reading. I highly recommend it.”

~Emily S.

Jean Grey by stormantic

Jean Grey drawn by STORM (after Marc Silvestri)

“A REVELATION!  I’ve had a few Tarot readings over the years, but the reading Storm gave my partner and I was the clearest, the most spot-on, and the most insightful.  And definitely the most fun, because Storm uses X-Men playing cards as his deck — a unique method that combines his knowledge of the traditional Tarot and deeper-than-anyone-I-know understanding (and I know a lot of comics geeks, being one myself) of the X-Men.  After the reading I felt like I wanted to go back and read old X-Men comics — who knew those characters could provide genuine spiritual guidance?  Most important when it comes to psychic reading experiences, his guidance really helped resolve the problem we brought to the reading.  Very highly recommended.”

~Darieck S.


A Reading with X-Men Tarot

There are several other decks that I use besides the Faeries’ Oracle and the X-Men.   I share more information about my divination process every Tuesday.

I am available every week at Swankety Swank on Fridays from 4-7pm, Saturdays 12-5pm, Sundays 1-5pm and other times that vary from week to week.  Email me at HeroicTarot (at) gmail (dot) com.  In addition to giving individual and couples readings, I also enjoy bringing my brand of Tarot Magick to events and parties.  Let your inner superhero shine!