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New X-Men by Cameron Stewart

new x-men by cameron stewart

Cameron Stewart is the creator of multiple award-winning online comic Sin Titulo and co-creator, with Karl Kerschl, of  the recently released Assassin’s Creed:  The Fall.  His Wikipedia page has a great bibliography of the work he’s done, but topping my list of his comics would definitely be The Other Side (written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Stewart).  Of course, his run on Catwoman (with Ed Brubaker) and his issues of Sea Guy (with Grant Morrison) are awesome as well.  There’s also Apocalypstix (with Ray Fawkes) and a few issues of a little title called Batman and Robin out there for you to enjoy.

When I came across Stewart’s take on the New X-Men (above), I was astounded!  Each character has a great expression, totally revealing their core attributes.  Well, except for Xorn (center), but having “a star for a brain” or whatever is a good excuse I suppose (or if he’s not all he appears to be).  Seriously though, Wolverine looks a bit agitated, Cyclops is stoic, Emma’s snobbery is on display, Beast has a dignified air about him despite his feline exterior, and Professor X looks downright menacing (as the most powerful telepath in the world should).  The only person missing is Jean Grey, whose omission is a bit puzzling considering her expanded presence during this time of X-Men stories (written by Grant Morrison).  Nonetheless, these are beautiful portraits and their mastery makes me wish we could see Stewart on something mutant-centric in the future.   At least Stewart was kind enough to draw me punk rock Storm at Comic Con 2008.  I will always be grateful to him for that.


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  1. This is wonderful! When did he draw this? I love it. That is odd Jean is missing, though. 🙁 I’m probably the biggest Emma fan out there, but I can’t deny my love for Jean as well!

    • Hi Aimee!

      I’m not sure if the date is signed as 2004, but that is my best guess. It is amazing, right?

      Thanks for the comment!


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