At WonderCon, I noticed that although some attendees weren’t into the costume play, there was a lot of lovely ladies working some super fashionista magic! Check out these fabulous outfits:

Here we have Mandy working out a very Dark Angel-esque outfit complete with Yoda backpack.
Cute they are, yes?
The chic coat, lace up boots and sensible handbag really let us know that this woman means business. And what a great pose! Sassy!
Those of you who know my Goth sensibility know why I love this outfit (’cause I’d wear it myself in a heartbeat!), but I also think this woman was charming due to her surprise that I wanted to take her photo. Hot and humble are a great combination! The bent knee is cute too.
This lovely woman told me that her dress is “from the 70s.” To which I replied, “So, am I.”