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Storm Sunday: Marc Silvestri, Part II

Silvestri_Swim suit Marvel X-Women

The art of Marc Silvestri was a huge influence on me as a young man.  I fell in love with his leggy supermodel heroines and glamour infused narrative style.  His mohawk Storm, tanned Dazzler and corrupt Madelyne Pryor are forever burned into my brain.  He has a way of making everyone, men and women, so pretty.  So, it’s a bit strange that I haven’t had a spotlight on him since this post in 2008!  Let’s rectify that omission by looking at a lot of original artwork!  Above, we see the X-Women take some time to relax in a tropical paradise.  From left to right, Storm, Jean Grey, Rogue, Psylocke, Rachel (above), Meggan, Kitty Pryde and Lockheed.  That’s a bevy of bathing beauties!

silvestri Uncanny X-Men 220 page 22

Page 22 of  Uncanny X-Men #220 shows Scalphunter face off against Longshot.  “But don’t you know…t’s impolite to shoot people?”  Longshot asks the Marauder.  I enjoy the use of the rifle scope as panel and seeing Longshot dangling upside down in panel five.

UncannyXMen_222_12 silvestri

Page 12 of Uncanny X-Men #222 depicts Storm fighting snake-owl creatures without her powers!  I almost miss seeing Storm like this.  She was so kickass back then.

Silvestri_Inferno Promo Piece

This is the promotional piece for the Inferno crossover which ran through Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor, the New Mutants and various titles throughout the Marvel Universe.  From left to right, the demon S’ym, geneticist Mr. Sinister and the demon N’astirh.  Definitely a motely crew.  I remember that a lot of people were speculating that Sinister had ties to Colossus due to his character design.

Uncanny X-Men 225 cover Silvestri

Silvestri also penciled the covers and interiors for the Uncanny X-Men Fall of the Mutants crossover issues.  On this cover the X-Men fight Mystiques Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, although they have been given government authority and are acting under the guise of Freedom Force.  The characters and costumes of this era are among my favorite of all time.

Uncanny X-Men 226 Cover by Marc Silvestri

As a youth, I had Uncanny X-Men delivered to my door and I remember staring at this cover for a very long time before I could open the comic.   Seeing my favorite heroes in skeletal form really messed with my mind.

x-men 226 32 Silvestri

Silvestri got to draw a lot of story between former paramours Forge and Storm like in this issue of Uncanny X-Men (#226, page 32).   I enjoyed Silvestri’s Native American inspired outfit and giant mane of hair for Storm.  It was a welcome change after she had it in a mohawk for so long.

Uncanny X-Men 227 cover by Silvestri

The X-Men can fly!  Well, not really, but it is makes a nice cover image. This team, known as the Outback Era X-Men is still my favorite X-Men membership incarnation.


The Reaver cyborg Pretty Boy (I’m not making this up) rewires the brain of Jessica Hoan in Uncanny X-Men #229 (page 13).  The way Silvestri chooses to depict the mental manipulation in panels five and six freaked me out as a kid.  It is like he is literally worming his way into her mind.  Yuck!


Rogue gets attacked by a Brood infested human in Uncanny X-Men #232 (page 24).  When was the last time Rogue thought “Glory!” to herself?  Oh, we wouldn’t know would we because thought balloons are considered passe.

silvestri uncanny x-men 233double page splash

Delightful double page spread from Uncanny X-Men #233 in which the X-Men fight the Brood “sleazoids”.  This time around, the Brood have superpowers in addition to their usual abilities. I was not a fan of this particular story line, because I hate the Brood, but Silvestri gave it his best shot.


Madelyne Pryor starts to lose her grip on reality in this page from Uncanny X-Men #233 (page 20).  The Aborigine teleporter known only as Gateway takes Madelyne into “dreamtime” in an effort to give her insight into her true identity.

Marvel Age Annual Page 34, Marc Silvestri

This page summarizes the story lines going on at the time and appeared in Marvel Age Annual #3 (page 34).  The X-Men are believed to be dead and The New Mutants, Kitty and Nightcrawler must soldier on without them.

1987 MSilvestri XMen 235 page

Uncanny X-Men #235 finds our heroes encountering the mutant-enslaving island nation of Genosha.  Psylocke, in her armored outfit) shows us her warrior side which will eventually come to define her.  I love Silvestri’s take on Storm’s costume.  Seems like Ororo and Carol Danvers will forever be competing with their costume designs.

Uncanny X-Men page 16 by Marc Silvestri

The Blob, one of the X-Men’s adversaries since X-Men #3, lands on top of Wolverine in this image from Uncanny X-Men #223 (page 22).   I love the look Wolverine has on his face as he sees what’s coming and how Silvestri used the letters of “THOOM” as panels. “Geronimo!” indeed!

Check back next week for more Marc Silvestri original artwork from the pages of The Uncanny X-Men!


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  1. Thanks for a lovely trip down memory lane! Silvestri, along with Romita Jr, will always be one of my defining X-artists.

  2. Ingonyama

    That Outback X-Men cover is still probably my favorite X-Men cover ever. Particularly Storm…her hair’s grown out from the Mohawk, but she still retains the sleek and shiny “punk” leather gear and Grace Jones makeup job. I thought it was a beautiful compromise between what she had been and what she’d become…much like Outback Storm in general. It’s especially sad in hindsight because her very next outfit is one of my least favorites…all bulk and padding, with none of the subtle elegance her previous outfits had. At least she got her trademark cape back.

    Psylocke’s “armored” form was probably my favorite incarnation of her. During this time, Rogue called her “Lady Lancelot,” and I think that appellation fit her. She was always fierce and warlike beneath the exterior of beauty and softness (it’s probably no coincidence that her Alan Davis-designed costume bring images of a pink flower petal to mind). When she donned the armor, she became as much a fighter outside as in, but never lost her unique approach to the way she did battle. Confusion, mind-tricks, illusions remained her favorite tactics, well over the direct “psycho-blasts,” and her exchange with the Magistrates has undertones of what Emma Frost would later become…ruthless and avenging, with her own unique touch on how best to hurt those who hurt others. I miss this Psylocke, though rumor has it she’s being portrayed very well over on Uncanny X-Force.

    The Outback team was probably my favorite incarnation. Though I had a couple of issues with the lineup (seriously, was anything about Longshot ever explained to anyone’s satisfaction?), their ever-changing mission statement and the dynamic nature of the book was mind-blowing…literally anything could happen.

    I would dearly, dearly love to see Ororo head up another globe-trotting team of X-Men, out from under the auspices of Cyclops and Emma. (Ironically, X-TREME X-MEN started out in a vein very similar to this one. Unfortunately, that book quickly became its own worst enemy.) I even have a new lineup in mind! But then, doesn’t everyone have a dream team of X-Men they want to see?

    STORM, what would yours be?

    • Hey Ingonyama,

      I love making up new X-Men team lineups! I think mine would be (as of this very moment) Storm, Banshee (deputy leader), Polaris, Magik, Longshot, Iceman, Gambit, Meggan, non-vampire Jubilee and perhaps Warpath, Dazzler and Northstar too….I would love to add Dani Moonstar too! That might be a bit cumbersome, but I think I could make it work.

      What is your dream team?

  3. Matthias

    Hi, would you consider selling some of your Silvestri Uncanny X-Men pages? Thanks and all the best, Matthias

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