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X-Men Origins: Jean Grey by Mike Mayhew

Jean Grey X-Men Model by Mayhew

Jean Grey is best known as being (or being impersonated by) the Phoenix, but before her cosmic saga she started out as Marvel Girl, one of the original five X-Men!  Jean was gifted with telepathic and telekinetic abilities, making her potentially the most powerful X-men even without her later Phoenix powers!  The amazingly realistic and detailed model sheet above is drawn by artist Mike Mayhew.  His designs for the X-Men Origins: Jean Grey one-shot are very specific.  You can tell he really thought out the depictions of each character.  You can read writer Sean McKeever and Mayhew talk about their collaboration on this comic book on Comic Book Resources.  Let’s take a look at a few more pictures and appreciate Mayhew’s take on Marvel’s First Class!

Jean Grey by Mike Mayhew

Mike Mayhew draws Jean at her parents home looking out at the snow covered neighborhood.  Her sullen, withdrawn face is quite haunting, hinting at the mental anguish within.  I love how each panel takes us further into the first image.  The narrative opens up like Russian nesting dolls.

Jean Grey by Mayhew double page

Training in the X-Men’s Danger Room to earn her blue and gold uniform.  Cyclops is shown in these pages and it’s interesting to see Scott and Jean before their relationship had a chance to blossom.

Jean Grey by Mayhew

One last image by Mayhew, featuring Jean fighting with her ability to move matter with her mind.  She’s not quite got the hang of it yet, if we are to judge her by her facial expression, but it takes time to become a warrior!  I recommend this comic if you are interested in this beloved character.  Another gorgeous portrait of Jean by Mayhew is here.

For a Mike Mayhew image of Jean as the Black Queen, check out Mike’s deviantART site,  Many preliminary sketches of pages from this comic (and many of his other projects) are available for your perusal.


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