The amazing Mike Wieringo passed away in 2007, but his artistic legacy lives on!  I’ve written about how Wieringo’s death affected me, and how much I miss his individual take on comics, but I still think about him from time to time and think about how much poorer the industry is without him.

Check out this amazing sketch of X-Men from days gone by.  I’ve included the above image because it contains a fresh take on Storm.  I’ve never seen an artist cross her hands like this before to represent her controlling the weather.  It is a bit reminiscent of Doctor Strange casting spells to me.  I love his take on Colossus and Nightcrawler, but I think all of the characters benefit from his interpretation.  I mean, who would have thought anyone could make Marrow look interesting?  Here’s two more images from Wieringo, displaying his unique brand of adventure and whimsy.

Mike Wieringo's Free Family

Here’s a great portrait of Scott Free (also known as Mr. Miracle), Big Barda and Oberon.  If you need more New Gods goodness, check out this Darkseid and Orion sketch!

Mike Wieringo's Peter Porker, The Amazing Spider-Ham

It’s Peter Porker, The Amazing Spider-Ham!  You like anthropomorphic funny animal super-heroes, right?  Well, you’d like this one, trust me!  It was a hoot!


Speaking of Spider-Man character spin-offs, here’s Amalgam Comics’ Spider-Boy! He’s a combination of Superboy and a clone of Spider-Man (it’s a fun story that combines several Marvel and DC Comics storylines and characters).  Wieringo created him with Karl Kesel and if you can get your hands on a copy of Spider-Boy #1 I highly recommend reading it!  It’s a fun story!

LINK by Mike Wieringo

I adore this amazing sketch of Link from Legend of Zelda!  Wieringo had a great way with Medieval themes (you’ve seen his creator owned book Tellos, right?) and this image just sends that point home!

KING CITY tribute by Mike Wieringo

Mike drew this tribute to Brandon Graham‘s super awesome comic King City, a comic you really need to consider reading!  I can see how Graham’s smooth style would be an influence for Wieringo.  They both know how to make their lines seems effortless.

THOR by Mike Wieringo

I leave you with this majestic portrait of Marvel Comics’ thunder god Thor!  Many thanks to Mike for leaving such a wonderful body of work behind!  The world is a little less bright by your departure.  Blessings to him and his family (who have been very gracious and left his websites up for everyone to enjoy).