lightle storm

From The Legion of Super-Heroes to Classic X-Men, the artwork of Steve Lightle has always captivated me.  I remember poring over his designs on Marvel’s trading cards.  My favorite was his rendition of the X-Men versus the Marauders.  Now that is how you draw a battle, especially such a milestone in the X-Men’s history!  It was with great excitement that I came across the images of Storm and Colossus from today’s post.

Above we see Storm in all of her glory, featuring her classic costume and looking amazing!  Lightle is faithful to Storm’s costume, her heritage and her persona in this image.  Lightle has a tendency to elongate his characters’ anatomy, but I find this stylistic choice to be dynamic and interesting.  This piece was enhanced by the talents of amazing digital color artist Laura Martin.  These images are from the collection of Doctor Fantastic.

Storm lightle

Steve Lightle’s original convention sketch sans coloring.

Colossus by Steve Lightle

An imposing portrait of X-Man Colossus, drawn by Lightle and colored by Martin.

Colossus by Steve Lightle uncolored

The original Colossus sketch by Lightle.