An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel


Thank you for joining me this White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. This week I would like to discuss Emma Frost’s guest appearance and interaction with her former student Firestar in the just released Young Allies #6, written by Sean McKeever with art by David Baldeon. This reunion has been a long time coming, since the last time they encountered each other was back when Emma was still running her Massachusetts Academy under the auspices of Professor Xavier, and her mutant stock has risen considerably over the intervening years to the point that she is now co-leader of the X-Men. It’s somewhat unusual to see Emma so fully clothed, although she still manages to draw attention to her décolletage with a tasteful jeweled necklace.


I am not sure why Emma says she thought Firestar had been depowered or killed, considering Emma seems like the type to check Cerebra on a daily basis in order to keep track of all the known mutants in the world. Unless she was being facetious and that was intended as cutting sarcasm.


Emma is such a bitch here, refusing her nonfat soy chai latte in so cruel a manner after placing such a specific order in the first place. Would Emma really drink such a hippie granola beverage anyway? Maybe they don’t serve mimosas at this particular establishment.


I like that Firestar has apparently remained friends with her Marvel Divas: Hellcat, Black Cat and Monica Rambeau, who Emma characterizes as “club-hopping cougars in training”. It’s a little confusing to see Emma goad Firestar this way, since she seemed so sincerely penitent during their last recorded encounter.


Firestar blasts Emma with a burst of microwave flames that burns away her gown and melts her champagne flute but leaves her body unharmed thanks to her organic diamond secondary mutation. Her piped bustier is also spared, leaving me wondering what it could possibly be composed of. Unstable molecules, perhaps?


Just as I predicted, Emma offers Firestar the chance to join her fellow mutants on Utopia and Firestar refuses. It’s probably for the best that Firestar declined Emma’s offer to move to Utopia, considering she would be merely a face in the crowd on the mutant island sanctuary alongside the likes of Namor, Magneto and Dr Nemesis. At least she has a better chance to shine in a title like Young Allies. Too bad for her that this is the final issue of the series.


Emma’s seemingly indestructible bodice really reminds me of Madonna’s Jean Paul Gaultier bustier from her Blonde Ambition Tour.


It’s interesting that Firestar attributes her change of heart to Emma’s unintentional advice. In attempting to rebel against Emma’s offer, Firestar still allowed Emma to make her decision for her since she was merely reacting against what Emma had in mind for her. That’s it for this White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader.